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Wondershare Tidymymusic is a recognized tool to efficiently update local music and iTunes libraries. It is capable of looking up for a variety of music data. It helps you keep your music libraries updated with necessary information so that you can find your favorite songs easily.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Wondershare Tidymymusic is a licensed product through which you can optimize your music libraries. It assists in fixing files and fills up missing metadata efficiently. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. You can manage music files present in iTunes or local libraries to make search process faster. It is a secure application free from malware. You can get output files in formats of MP3 and M4A. It is a powerful tool whose paid version and trial version are available online.

Adding Files:
Whether you want to work with music files or iTunes library, Wondershare Tidymymusic provides appropriate options in separate tabs. You can browse through system memory or benefit from drag and drop function to add required files to the software interface. You have to choose compatible files in order to process them. It can display music files in the form of list and icons. You can add more files via Add Files option and view the total number of added songs.

Auto Fixing:
The software can fix the files by looking for missing data over internet. Title, album, artist, track number, genre and year are among the required information. If any of these are missing, the tool will attempt to fill the missing data accurately. It also shows the status of each song to verify that the process is successfully completed. At the top of the main screen, it shows the number of tracks that have incomplete information and need fixing. If any images are present, it will show them with each file.

Limitations in Trial Version:
The trial version has limited features as compared to the purchased version. You can fix maximum of 10 tags of music files or songs in local library by finding missing title, artist and album cover. Same is the case with iTunes library where 10 missing music tags can be restored. With just a single click, you can fix ten missing album artworks. It lacks free technical support and upgrades, but you can visit Tutorial & FAQ online webpage to understand its basic working.

Music Organizer:
Wondershare Tidymymusic is a reliable music organizer through which manage music libraries of different devices. You can rename song titles as well as manually and automatically fix the wrong or missing information. In order to find required data, it scans the audio files and then looks over internet with the help of fetched data. Later, it adds the information to music files.

Album Artwork Fixing:
Each album of songs comes equipped with a cover. Be it from a movie or by an artist, the cover helps in recognition of the album. This application helps you find the actual cover of albums via internet. You can enhance the quality of your collection and make it more appealing.