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Wondershare TunesGo was originally intended for facilitating users with easy data management. You can manage media, contacts and apps of an Android or iOS device by connecting it to computer. Its GUI is very attractive and it contains various useful tools that help with backup, restore and data transfer operations.

Software details

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

Wondershare TunesGo is a reliable phone manager through which you can maintain all type of stored data. It is available in both licensed and trial versions. It is a powerful application helpful in dealing with Android and iOS based devices. It is quite flexible and easy to use, due to which beginners can use it with ease. It possesses a tabbed interface and the options are easily accessible. The software can be installed via setup wizard on Windows and Mac OS computers.

Wondershare TunesGo is an innovative phone manager that allows users to transfer photos, contacts, music, and short messages from their computers to their IOS or Android devices. Users can move media files from their computers to their phones. This software program lets them convert the data to compatible file formats. There’s no need for iTunes.

This incredible program also allows them to create customized ringtones. It corrects music tags during data transfer. Audio quality remains intact. Furthermore, they can transfer their files to platforms like Google Play and Amazon. TunesGo backs up data and allows users to retain their libraries.

Using TunesGo is a breeze. Users connect their computers to their devices with a USB cable. They transfer data using four 1-click shortcuts. TunesGo shows available audio content and moves it efficiently from their computers to their devices. It also indicates the type of video content that’s available. The photo content on their camera rolls is ready for transfer as well. They can manage their applications via the Apps module.

In all, Wondershare TunesGo is a one-stop, phone data management solution.

Multimedia Manager:
Wondershare TunesGo is capable of managing stored multimedia files in an efficient manner. Be it music, images or videos, you can view the list of whole content along with metadata. You can add new data, delete existing files, refresh the list and can export it to iTunes library or system memory. You can detect and remove duplicate songs. Moreover, the music files can be converted into ringtones of short length. On the other hand, pictures and videos can be extracted to create GIF images.

Apps Manager:
All the apps installed on your mobile device can be viewed on computer screen through this application. It shows live mobile screen and lets you manage installed apps. You can check app version, size and location. Furthermore, any of these can be installed or uninstalled directly through a mouse click. It separately shows user apps and system apps for simplifying the search process. You can export the list for further use.

Data Transfer:
The software suite contains a variety of tools with which data transfer operation can be carried out. Rebuild iTunes Library tool helps with transferring media and playlists from iOS or Android devices to iTunes. Its pre-requisites include the installation of iTunes in computer memory. You can also transfer media from iTunes library to computer or mobile device. Phone to Pone Transfer tool lets you move data between portable devices. You have to connect at least two devices to PC to perform operations.

Backup Creation:
Backup and Restore tools in Wondershare TunesGo are beneficial to avoid data loss. With Backup Device tool you can take backup of files on PC. You can manually choose specific content that is important. You can store media files, personal information and apps data at particular locations. After the backup is created, you can use it anytime to restore files on any device.

Advanced Tools:
GIF Maker is an advanced tool that helps with developing GIFs out of videos and photos. One-Click Root helps you avail maximum benefits of the device. You can gain full control but the existing data will be lost. It also affects warranty of the device. Ringtone Maker lets you choose audio files from local library or device playlist. It creates a ringtone by extracting music of desired length.