How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the greatest free inventions out there for helping people navigate where they need to go. It has opened doors of possibilities for many who might not otherwise have been able to get to and from the places that they needed to with ease. Fortunately, Google Maps makes it fairly straightforward […]

How To Screen Record On PC

Capturing your screen while playing a game, showing someone a new piece of software, or even communicating with a team member at work can be done easily with the right program. Whether you are using a Windows or a Mac operating system, it is possible to record the screen on your Windows PC or Mac […]

How to Get Help in Windows

Windows 10 help is quite a contention. There is not much for guidance about it despite the fact that Windows 10 is highly popular and the best operating system which Microsoft Corporation has produced till date. This is the very reasons we have taken up this opportunity to highlight the support system which the Microsoft […]

How To Switch From Android To IOS

When iOS is so famous, thanks to iPhone 5, it seems that there is no reason to go on with your Android, either it’s Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean version. If this is the case, you can choose to make switch between the two operating systems, in order to save all your your precious […]

How To Secure Your Passwords

As data breaches and cyberattacks continue to escalate, it has never been more important to take measures to safeguard your passwords. By adhering to best practices for password creation, these best practices will enable you to develop unbreakable passwords for both personal and professional accounts. Stay away from using information readily available about you online […]