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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is an application for manipulating PDF documents. It can create, edit, sign, protect, merge, and convert PDF files. The application also uses optical character recognition to create PDFs from scanned files.

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Windows 10 / Windows 11 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

As many people know, Adobe has been the go-to brand for many years when it comes to creating PDF files as well as other types of files. Adobe Acrobat has been synonymous with PDF files for many years and now the brand is offering the Adobe Acrobat Pro, but what is it and how is it different from the original Adobe Acrobat? Read on to find out more information about this latest product.

What is Adobe Acrobat Pro?

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a type of application that millions of people are already using to convert their files and documents into PDF files that can then be searched for specific words and phrases. Users can even edit text and photos within PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat Pro is more business than academic-oriented, but it is used in a variety of different fields, such as offices, medical facilities, legal offices, government offices, and even by law enforcement offices and the reporters they send their information to via PDF.

How Does Acrobat Pro Analyze Documents?

Acrobat Pro is able to analyze documents in an array of different ways. First of all, it can analyze images that are scanned into the program. It can also analyze images that are already existing as well as PDF files and other types of files after PDF conversion. Its basic OCR operations allow you to open a document in Acrobat as a PDF and even edit the text which the Adobe Acrobat Standard version does not allow. Having the ability to fully edit a document that is in PDF form is one of the best characteristics of Acrobat Pro.

It also allows users to be able to highlight different passages throughout the document to then copy and paste them into another area. Users can also search the text in PDF readers or word processing programs to find the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently. The elements in Acrobat Pro make it super easy to search a document for specific things you are looking for, which then cuts down on time and energy. It even makes searching on the Internet easier since searchable documents in PDF form are available now on multiple sites.

The Features of Adobe Acrobat Pro

Acrobat Pro provides you with everything you need for modifying, creating, and even sharing PDF documents. There are five main features of Adobe Acrobat Pro that are listed below in detail.

Create PDF Documents

This amazing product offers several different ways that you can create a PDF version of a document. You can simply click the create PDF icon on the Adobe Acrobat Pro site, which will then give you a variety of options, including a blank page option that allows you to fully create a document from scratch right in the Acrobat Pro program. After you create a document, you can then click on the edit PDF button on the right-hand side of the panel to add in images and more text to your document.

Keep in mind that you can also create a document in any program you want to, such as Microsoft Word, instead of utilizing the features in Adobe Acrobat pro to do it instead. Once you finish your document in another program, you can then convert it to a PDF, even if you have multiple pages to your document or one single page. This even works for web pages or whole entire websites.

You also have the option of scanning a document or taking a screenshot of a document to then create a PDF by utilizing the clipboard in Adobe Acrobat Pro. The nice thing about this is, for example, if you convert a Microsoft Word document to a PDF by using Adobe Acrobat Pro, any fonts that you have used, the tables you have included, and the type of page layouts that you used are all retained in your PDF document.

All of these features mean that it is super easy to create a PDF and to edit it using Acrobat Pro and to even create a PDF from an entire website is very easy. You simply enter the URL of the site you want to use, then specify if you want to copy the entire page, a specific number of levels, or the entire site, and Acrobat Pro will do the rest of the work for you. This means the entire website will be placed in a single PDF document and any links that were included on the site will also appear in your PDF document. These features can include videos to play and even bookmarks since they will automatically be converted for you.

Sign and Interact with a Document

In this day and age when many people are working remotely or taking care of their personal business remotely, Acrobat Pro has become immeasurably important. This is because you can not only create documents that can be interactive with others, but the person you send it to can sign the document and fill out information right into the document before sending it back to you.

This means the need to print a document out to be able to sign it, then being forced to scan it back onto the computer so you can send the signed version back to the original sender has been eliminated. This saves people, companies, and agencies a ton of time, energy, and even money when it comes to the cost of ink that is used when printing out documents unnecessarily since they can now be signed all online.

Acrobat Pro not only allows you to edit and mark up documents in an interactive manner with other people, but it allows you to easily export and share your PDF documents with others. Adobe Acrobat Pro is formatted to be able to edit a variety of different document types, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word documents. Export options are available, so this version of Acrobat works better than previous ones. In addition to the four things that we’ve already mentioned when it comes to the main features of this amazing product is the fact that you can protect your privacy and security when it comes to the PDF you create.

Digital security has become more important than ever before and the Protect Tool that is available to secure your PDF documents in Adobe Acrobat Pro allows you to encrypt your documents with a password or a certificate so that you can restrict editing when necessary, along with a variety of other things related to keeping your PDF documents secure.

Overall, Adobe Acrobat Pro is definitely a great product and a step up from the standard version.

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