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AVG Tuneup is a helpful application that helps you optimize its performance by taking control of processes and services that cause delay and lagging.









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AVG is well known for providing us with a reliable and trustworthy anti-virus software. Very few people know of their PC TuneUp tools. AVG TuneUp is an all-in-one tuning suite for your computer. If your PC has been running slower than usual or its battery performance is not up to the mark, use AVG TuneUp tools and watch the problems disappear in minutes. Simply download, install and run the software and watch it turn back the clock to make your pc work like new.

This PC tuning tool helps update all the software on your machine, reduces clutter and frees up disk space, disables unnecessary startup apps to give your PC performance a boost and also helps your battery last longer. With its intelligent design, the PC TuneUp tool reveals and fixes issues in your computer that you were not even aware were there. With the AVG TuneUp tool avoid spending money on a lot of unnecessary “servicing” fees, and let PC TuneUp do the service for you at home. A great product that we definitely recommend.

Every computer user wishes that their computer gives 100% results in terms of performance and speed. AVG Tuneup is a helpful application that helps you optimize its performance by taking control of processes and services that cause delay and lagging. It was developed by TuneUp Utilities in 1997 and its new developers are AVG Technologies. It maintains your PC for speeding up its performance and helps it complete all the tasks in lesser time. It is beneficial when your computer has slowed down.

Installation Procedure:

AVG Tuneup includes various installation components that take almost 5 minutes to be downloaded. After these components are installed, you can start its installation process. You can install it in Custom mode for personalized settings or download it with standard settings. Once the installation process is completed, it will ask you to perform maintenance scan on system. You can skip this process if you want to deal with it later.


AVG Tuneup is compatible with Windows 10 and later versions. It helps you extend battery life of your devices. You can resolve issues that were causing low performance. It runs PC smoothly with less crashing probability and gives you effective control over all processes and services.

• Optimize your Internet connection
• Recover accidentally deleted files
• Permanently delete files and wipe disks
• Protect your privacy
• Make your PC more stable and free up disk space
• Improve your disk speed.
• Monitor your hard drive health and space usage


The maintenance scan checks your computer for registry issues, broken shortcuts, system cache & logs, browser data, startup & shutdown and disk fragmentation. It displays all the issues found and then fixes them. You can delete invalid registry entries, save waiting time by deleting broken shortcut icons, free up disk space by deleting junk files, delete old browser data, speed up PC startup and shutdown processes by disabling useless programs and recognize data blocks on hard disk to open programs quickly.

Speed Up:

AVG Tuneup speeds up the system by performing live optimization. You can optimize startup programs and close background programs that are not required and are slowing down your computer. You can run another scan to get recommendations about how you can speed up the processes and can configure Turbo Mode to increase the speed. You can also view programs that are using CPU, see system information and check optimization reports.

Free Up Space:

This option helps you delete system cache & log, find and remove hidden duplicate files, safely remove junk files and remove useless and broken data from different browsers for creating space in primary memory. You can remove large files and folders, uninstall unused programs, shred sensitive files and remove invalid shortcuts.

Fix Problems:

You can solve problems related to PC health by reviewing and fixing settings that may be putting your PC at risk with the help of wizard. Furthermore you can fix common problems for correct display of icons, displaying Recycle Bin icon and showing missing Taskbar.

All Functions:

This category displays various icons concerned with installed programs, hard disks, usage data, registry, computer recommendations, Windows, mobile devices and software settings.

AVG Tuneup Tools:
• Disk Cleaner
• Disk Defrag
• Registry Cleaner
• Registry Defrag
• Internet Optimizer
• Track Eraser
• Disk Wiper
• File Shredder
• File Recovery
• Startup Manager
• Uninstall Manage


You can use trial version of AVG Tuneup for 15 days maximum. After you have tried out the product, its license can be purchased for $49.99 with 1-year subscription.


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