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Bad Piggies is a physics-based puzzle game developed by Rovio, maker of the popular Angry Birds.

Software description

In Bad Piggies, the player has to build ramps and vehicles for the green piggies. The objective of each level is to collect all three stars located on the playing field. Along their journey, players must maneuver through various obstacles such as TNTs, traps and other hazards. Players ensure their creations don’t fall apart or explode. Bad Piggies is an enjoyable experience with lots of challenges. However, not everyone may appreciate its cartoonish visuals or surprising lack of music since there’s not even any during menus. Additionally, they have access to a wide variety of construction materials such as wooden planks, saw blades and balloons. Users can use it for engineering better solutions. As you progress into more complex levels you are granted access to new contraptions such as suction cups and propellers.

Sandbox Mode

Bad Piggies, the ultimate puzzle game allows players to enact their inner engineering skills on a wide range of levels. Sandbox mode provides unlimited access to customizable building blocks. Such as wheels, wings, boxes and propellers for creating an array of machines based on player preferences by limited resources. Players can use these contraptions across 35+ races sprinkled with hill climbs and destruction challenges in eleven distinct environments. It ranges from beach to desert planets. Moreover, powering up the machines using freeze breath and helium balloons adds extra fun to the mix. Finally, Users can share their creations through Facebook & Twitter among friends or family.

Vehicle Construction

Bad Piggies vehicles are unlike most conventional cars. Each vehicle varies in structure, making them challenge to build and a joy to use. Starting from basic shapes such as cubes and pyramids, the piggie’s craft needs electricity but also various building tools. It ranges from boxes of suction cups to cogs used for driving propulsion systems. The construction materials might differ depending on what is mission. The wood, metal parts, cardboard boxes and other objects can all put together with nuts and bolts. Users can use it for both aesthetic appeal and functional benefit. Many complex parts such as suspension springs help absorb damage taken during stunts. The reinforced chassis provides strength needed during high-speed races. Fixed landing gears make it easier for smooth landings and snug slots offer extra room. The more components can fit onto the piggy’s creation without hindering its movement capabilities.

Objectives and Challenges

Bad Piggies is a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Entertainment, which features objectives and challenges. Players of the game are required to build contraptions using an array of parts. Such as boxes, wheels, fans, TNTs and more in order to help pigs reach their destination. Each level offers different items for players to assemble and use in creative ways while finding the best possible route. Challenges vary from reaching goals with less than three stars rating or collecting specific numbers of bonus objects. While passing through obstacles like broken patches and barricades; making it exciting yet difficult at the same time. This highly-rated game also involves manipulating physical environment such as manipulating air flows via fan. It can redirect through pipes so pigs can fly across gaps. Bad Piggies is definitely a fun brainteasing adventure.

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