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Photo-zoom pro is designed to process digital images. Photo-zoom Professional is a revolutionary and patented technology with the industry standard tools to expand and adjust the size of digital images.








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Software description

Resizing photos has never been easier and more efficient with BenVista PhotoZoom Pro. It is a powerful program that’s designed and developed to resize your photos accurately. Regardless of size and format, it can achieve original-like quality to the final version of an edited image.

Exported images show excellent quality and a tremendous amount of details. Upscaling or downscaling images will not affect the final result as it optimizes the processes. Moreover, there are templates and profiles that you can use to edit a photo instantly. Wait no more. Download and use BenVista PhotoZoom Pro today!

What can it do?

  • Incredible support for large images
  • Accurate image resizing quality
  • Editing presets
  • Batch editing
  • GPU acceleration support
  • Image formats compatibility
  • Image compare

BenVista PhotoZoom Pro – Major features and functionalities

Incredible support for large images

If you’re looking to process images with a large size, you’ll be happy with BenVista PhotoZoom Pro. It accepts images with no limitations. During editing, the interface and process will not lag or slow down on exporting since it uses the processing power present on your computer. Rests assured, it would not slow down on you.

Accurate image resizing quality

Whether you’re editing raw or complicate photos, you can expect the final output to be high-quality. If you compare the exported image from the original one, you will see that it’s very similar in terms of details. All details, including information on highlights and color, will be accurate. It is useful when you need to preserve an image’s original look to be used on something like a document.

Editing presets

It has many presets that will speed up your workflow. If you’re going to process multiple photos, you can select a preset that best suits the image you’re editing. The effects will automatically be applied. You can fine-tune the look by going to the granular controls and adjusting every aspect of the picture.

Batch editing

Working on a large number of photos can be quite challenging. You will need to apply effects and other modifications individually. Luckily, if you’re alright with having the same editing for a group of images, you can use the batch editing feature.

Batch editing allows you to edit multiple photos at a time. It will save you a considerable amount of time to do other things. If you’re doing this type of work, it will be impractical and inefficient to edit each photo in the long run manually.

GPU acceleration support

The computer you’re using might be equipped with a powerful graphics card. It’s a shame if you can’t empower your editing experience using it. Well, worry no more. BenVista PhotoZoom Pro utilizes every horsepower on your machine, including any integrated or dedicated graphics card. It uses something called GPU acceleration to speed up things that include the operation made by graphics processors. For instance, rendering, exporting, and many more can benefit significantly from your GPU’s prowess.

Image formats compatibility

Encountering different file formats is guaranteed when working with images. Also, some formats are not considered images but more like a format that produces pictures. BenVista PhotoZoom Pro can view and modify the simplest of image files to more sophisticated ones such as a .psd or .ai file.

Image compare

Compare two images side-by-side using the tabbed interface to observe changes or other useful things during the editing process. View differences and make adjustments based on missing details or effects of an image to the other.

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