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BitTorrent is to a communication protocol for peer to peer file sharing. This software enables users to distribute data as well as electronic files via the internet in a disperse manner.

Software details

Android / mac / Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

BitTorrent is a special app that enables users to download files such as songs, films, eBooks, and a wide range of other content. Users basically need to search for the torrent that they like, and after a number of clicks the download process will begin.

Bram Cohen invented BitTorrent in 2001 to facilitate sharing of large files via the internet. It is the frustrations of waiting for a long time to download large files on the existing peer to peer services led to the invention of this application. File transfers through this app are split into small parts for distribution among users, known as peers.

BitTorrent is popular due to its efficient use of bandwidth. The company managing the software is the Cohen’s company, that is, BitTorrent Inc. This files or data sharing software makes many people happy since they can access free music, movies, series, and software.

One of the main advantages of BitTorrent is that it is very easy to use. Additionally, it comes with several customizable features such as the capability to choose where downloads go, and it also makes it possible for the users to prioritize particular downloads, and even adjusting the download speeds, however this app especially the free version contains ads which can be a bit obtrusive as well as frustrating at times, but the speed of downloads relies majorly on the user’s internet connection.

BitTorrent is a tool that uses several protocols to transfer files from the tracker to a central server. In addition, it applies tit for tat rule which implies that in order receive files, you have to give them. The helps in eliminating the problem of leeching, one of the developer Cohen’s main goals. When you transfer many files your download speed also improves. Also, it downloads different pieces of the file you want simultaneously from multiple computers.

Downloading files using BitTorrent is easier as you just have to open a web page and click a link to download a file to your computer. The web browser software in your device acts as the client which communicates with the server, a central computer that houses the web page as well as the file you want to download, to disseminate a copy of the file to your computer. The transfer happens through protocols such as file transfer protocol or hypertext transfer protocol. The type of protocol also affects the download speeds.

The tracker plays a crucial role of helping the client software in trading pieces of the file you need with other devices in the swarm. A user’s BitTorrent client receives a number of pieces of the file simultaneously. If users continue to run their software after the download is complete, others can receive .torrent files from on of the user’s computer and their future download speeds improve due to the higher rank in the tit for tat system.

Furthermore, with BitTorrent, you can download torrents in bulk, the lightweight version of this software serves as a bulk torrent downloader to assist users in downloading dozens of files simultaneously. Besides, you can assign priority to speed up downloads, when downloading more than one torrent, you can assign more bandwidth to a particular torrent to download it faster.

Most importantly, the application offers users with the feature of managing torrents remotely by using the remote feature to add Torrents from BitTorrent Android or through a browser or any device. It also enables users to save network resources by setting download or upload speed limits to free up network resources for other tasks, and you can avoid slow downloads.

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