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BluffTitler is a Windows application through which you can develop videos for intro, titling, promotions and marketing. It is normally used for short length videos and animations with the help of different tools and rendering techniques. Once the project is completed successfully, you can either save it in system memory or export it to suitable formats usable for both online and offline streaming.









Software description

There are many things that you can do with video intros. Today, videos posted on YouTube have been more popular than ever. The growing video industry needs resources such as stock clips and audios more than ever. The trend created a new video creation initiative and helped to make it through different platforms over the years.

However, if you’re looking to create short video intros for your family clips, memories, and other similar content, you’re in the right place. Suppose you’re worried that you will be lost in a sea of buttons and complex processes, don’t worry. BluffTitler makes it easier for users with different types of expertise to get started. Fortunately, BluffTitler includes some guides and how-tos to help you get started in your video-making endeavors.

Are you ready to work your intros now? Download and use BluffTitler today!


  • Templates for easy creation
  • Create and render 3D objects
  • Accelerated video rendering
  • A simplified 3D creation process
  • Support varieties of video format export

Templates for easy creation

If you’re unfamiliar or don’t have experience at all in terms of video creation, then worry no more. BluffTitler makes it more comfortable even for absolute beginners to create stunning video intros. Do you want to know how? Well, it’s easy. BluffTitler has incorporated many templates and profiles available right after you install the app.

You only need to import a clip and apply any of the templates. Effects and other edits will immediately reflect on your subject video. There are many effects and templates to choose from, so you’ll have all the options you need.

Create and render 3D objects

There is no need to install heavy resource-hogging and complicated to use 3D rendering software. BluffTitler has packaged a built-in 3D object creator. Spice up your video intros by adding self-created 3D objects. Rendering will not be as heavy compared to the most popular engines out there. You can also easily attach your creations to the video you’re currently working on without doing any hard work. Indeed, it’s a straightforward and beginner-friendly solution to get started with 3D looks for videos.

Accelerated video rendering

Video rendering is fast and efficient on BluffTitler. You don’t need a high-end machine to do tasks quickly; BluffTitler will do the rest of the job. It uses CPU and GPU acceleration to render video clips, even high-quality ones, effortlessly. You can smoothly scroll through your video timeline without experiencing significant lag. Unlike other popular video editing software available, you don’t have to worry that much about performance when using BluffTitler.

A simplified 3D creation process

As mentioned above, it very easy to get started and create your 3D assets. Similarly, it is very straightforward to insert creations on the video you’re currently working on. BluffTitler has implemented smart controls that detect and predict what actions you might do next based on the tasks or activities you’ve selected. It’sIt’s like an autocorrect for 3D editing for video intros.

Support varieties of video format export

After making your video, you can export it to any popular video format. In detail, you can export your video intros into the following video file formats:

  • .avi
  • .mp4
  • .jpg and .png files for 3D assets

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