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Clipchamp is an online video modifying tool from Australian company Clipchamp Pty Ltd. It is an indirect editing software that enables users to import, edit, as well as export audio-visual content in an internet browser window.







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Clipchamp refers is a web-based Windows store application that is also accessible as a progressive web application on any platform. You can install Clipchamp in your Personal computer within seconds. Just like Canva, this app focuses mainly on the needs of marketers. Especially those who want to achieve a quick hit on social media using meme-like, template-oriented designs.

Since it is a web-based application, it does not imply that it is less responsive than a native app. It utilizes robust graphics hardware acceleration to function just like a desktop application. In addition, the web backing enables easy sharing, as well as available in different locations.

In terms of features, Clipchamp’s editing features are freely available, although there are some limitations. While for paid subscriptions, you get to enjoy higher resolution display formats, limitless online storage, and enough stock content. The company updated the app’s subscription options, with only single paid level. For instance, Essentials goes at $ 11.99 per month, or $ 119.99 yearly. Also, you get access to some of the Essential attributes with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Clipchamp is a Windows 11 application, but you can also install, and use it in Windows 10. You can obtain it in the Microsoft Store, and the Windows app store. It is also available on the web, in mobile application stores, as well as in the Mac OS App store.

To use Clipchamp you have to create, or log into Microsoft account. However, it still allows users to use their Facebook, Google, or Dropbox account, but these options are slowly disappearing according to the explanations in the Clipchamp help page.

After logging in, you come across an attractive welcome screen providing templates to make you ready to start with generating your video project. One of the challenge with this application is that, it is not in dark mode, even if you set Windows to dark mode.

However, when you begin editing your video, it shifts to dark mode. Templates are available in different options such as slideshows, ads, social media posts, and many more. On the left side down, there are selections for other views like Brand Kit; this is for mainly for business purposes, templates, and folders.

To create a movie using Clipchamp, you have two options for starting the video project. You can click on Create a new video to go into the editing interface, and begin working on a project from the initial stage. You can also make use of the new Create video with Artificial Intelligence enabled process.

When you choose the first option, you will see the template choices on the left. Besides, there are also tools for adding media, music, text, graphics, stock images, as well as transitions. Additionally, you can add clips from both the local folders using the built-in webcam, and from an online media locations such as Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc.

There are more uses of Clipchamp, for instance you can use it to edit videos; you can add a number of videos to the timeline from media panel. It allows users to add more than ten tracks. The program also has a transform which offers modern features that makes it easier for editors to resize, flip, rotate, or adjust the opacity of a clip. Editor can also add transitions by dragging one of the best options between the clips.

Apart from these advantages, Clipchamp has some limitations. According to the user reviews, the editing procedure becomes slow sometimes. Also, the stock videos contains watermark, and there is also a problem exporting videos as they take a lot of time.

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