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Meshroom is an open source software that allows you to create 3D models through photogrammetry. It takes 2D photos and transform them into 3D models.









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Software description

Meshrooms analyze the images detect features and find matches between them. From there they calculate the camera positions and scene geometry. This information helps generate a point cloud that represents the shape of the object or scene in 3D. The point cloud will transform into a 3D mesh, which forms the structure of the model. Finally, the original images had projected onto this mesh to add textures and bring your creation to life. One great thing about Meshroom is its versatility when it comes to photo sources.

Whether you’re using cameras, smartphones or even drones you can easily create 3D models with this software. These models have practical applications like virtual reality experiences augmented reality projects, 3D printing designs and even gaming assets. Additionally, Meshroom offers both simplicity for beginners and advanced controls for users. You can easily adjust settings like point cloud density and mesh polygons through its interface. In summary, Meshroom opens up doors for anyone who wants high quality 3D scanning without needing expertise in the field. It truly democratizes professional grade reconstructed modeling by making it accessible, to all using photos.

Feature Extraction

The photogrammetry process used by Meshroom starts by analyzing the input photos to identify features. These features are determined based on textures, corners and contrasts found in the images. The extraction of these features had done robustly to ensure that accurate data is available, for reconstructing the geometry. Users have the flexibility to customize the algorithm and adjust parameters to achieve feature detection.

The identified features are points that correspond to real world locations across photos. Meshroom then matches these features from views to determine camera positions and create sparse point clouds initially. This thorough extraction of features forms the basis for creating 3D models, from the 2D photo inputs.

User-Friendly Interface

Meshroom focuses on providing a user interface that’s easy to navigate, even for those who are new, to photogrammetry. Additionally, its design is Intuitive, making it accessible to beginners. The software also offers tooltips that explain the parameters enabling users to make better adjustments.

Despite its user approach, Meshroom still offers options for fine tuning, under the surface. This multifaceted interface ensures that both novice and professional users can achieve high quality results in photogrammetry with ease. By prioritizing a user design philosophy, Meshroom greatly enhances the accessibility of photogrammetry and 3D scanning processes.

Scripting and Automation

Meshroom provides the ability to automate photogrammetry processes using scripting capabilities. You can export processing graphs as templates. By writing scripts you can automatically load datasets customize parameters, link tasks together. Generate 3D models, as output. The scripting API offers control for batch processing or iterative workflows.

Additionally, the interface allows you to create template graphs with preconfigured settings for use. With Meshrooms automation and scripting features, it becomes effortless to perform photogrammetry routines on datasets. Moreover, it facilitates integration, into pipelines or applications that require 3D reconstruction capabilities.

Open Source

Meshroom is a software that’s open source and distributed under the GPLv2 license. The entire program, including the photogrammetry algorithms, user interface and documentation can access publicly on GitHub. The codebase mainly consists of C++ and Python to ensure 3D reconstruction. By being source Meshroom encourages contributions, from the community to improve its features and accuracy.

Users also have the flexibility to create customized versions by experimenting with algorithms, data sources or integrations. Moreover, Meshrooms transparent approach ensures that users had not left in the dark about how each step works. In essence, its open-source nature allows for customization and fosters innovation, in accessible 3D photogrammetry.

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