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Microsoft OneNote is a useful tool to create and maintain notes. You can note down important information so that you can later find it with ease. You can also share notes with your friends and colleagues. This Microsoft utility program is compatible with Windows operating system as well as mobile operating systems. It’s a freeware that is by default installed on Windows 10.

Software details

Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Microsoft OneNote is a Product of Microsoft which initially came with Microsoft office suite but now after its excessive use and popularity among the users. It is also available as a stand-alone application for iOs, Windows RT, Android etc. In this applications, users can easily create their daily notes offline and can share at different platforms online. Initially, Microsoft word and excel was used for all purposes related to documentation.
But then it was observed that there is a need for a special program to manage daily notes and maintain a proper record. That’s the reason Microsoft launched Microsoft OneNote. This application was a huge success among individuals and the business community. You can write your notes and upload it on sky drive. Sky drive enables you to share your one note file online to any platform.
In Microsoft OneNote you can create tables, Figures, Charts, Different drawings. It is a drag and drops application. Different sections are made. You can click anywhere in any section and add a bitmap image, textbox etc. The interface of Microsoft OneNote is like a Ring Bound Notebook in which you are creating notes. It becomes easier for you to organize them and even print them to make your own complete Note Book. It is very helpful for students who create daily notes for their exams in an organized way and also for teachers to make their planners.
Microsoft OneNote uses its own extension and is saved as a separate data file. The extension of OneNote is.ONE file. Since the original release, Microsoft updated their file type for OneNote two times. The first version was released in 2003 and the stable, complete version was launched in 2010 which covered all the bugs in previous versions. In iOS, MAC, a similar application like OneNoteis also used which is known as Outline. Microsoft OneNote also supports Apple Outline. The outline may open the OneNote file and can also make changes in it. This Compatibility feature of Microsoft OneNote is helpful for MAC users.
In Microsoft store, there is also a version named as Microsoft OneNote MX, this is actually made for touch screen users i.e. those who use smartphones, tablets and most importantly Windows 8 users. Windows 8 was released especially for tablet users and Microsoft OneNote MX was also released at that time to accompany this feature. In the year 2014, Microsoft launched a special version of OneNote for MAC users. Although Outline was compatible with OneNote Microsoft want OneNote to be the leader in daily Notes making utility. So, MAC users also took advantage of advanced features of Microsoft One Note that Outline.
Till now Microsoft is making changes to make this application better for the users. Microsoft One Note is a big a success for Microsoft which got Maximum positive reviews from the users. It’s actually the advanced form of typical word processors like Microsoft Word. It is easy to use for everyone to keep a record of your daily tasks individually.

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