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Microsoft OneNote is a useful tool to create and maintain notes. You can note down important information so that you can later find it with ease. You can also share notes with your friends and colleagues.

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Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to get your research organized, understanding OneNote could help. The program is available both as a stand alone application as well as bundled in Microsoft’s suite of office solutions, which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more. It offers features that go beyond what a regular word processing software can do. Notebook-like tabs, automatic saving, and flexibility in adding various types of content are a few of the features that set this tool apart. You can use it in collaboration with other productivity tools or make it your all-encompassing solution for content creation, planning, and design.

Though you may have a few favorite applications that help you get the same work done this tool is made for, making the switch could win you greater productivity. First, let’s take a look at what you can expect as a user. , What are the Benefits of OneNote? The greatest advantage has to be the efficiency. If you’re a Microsoft Office user who sticks to all the other programs you may find that using OneNote takes away a lot of the frustration some projects normally cause. Instead of having multiple applications running – a few Word docs, an Excel file, some web pages, and a PowerPoint presentation, you can just use this one.

No longer will you have to worry about not saving your work because the program saves changes as they are made; no AutoRecovery needed. And, since you can access your virtual notebook from your phone or tablet as well as in a browser and offline, capturing those sudden bursts of inspiration at a moment’s notice is made easy. Those who are not so gifted at keeping their drives and files organized could easily fall in love with this solution. The built-in organizational feature of the tabs means never having to misplace your notes and documents again.

In effect, this is a space and time saving solution that can help you keep your desktop clean, even while tackling complex, multifaceted projects, but this is far from all the benefits you can expect from this software.

What Can OneNote Be Used For?

The uses for OneNote are seemingly endless. If simple word processing is all you need, you can definitely use it for that, but the potential is so much more. Ever found a great reference piece while performing online research? Capturing that information can be a simple as a few clicks. When you’re ready to put all those pieces together into a final product, you’ll find the process a lot smoother because everything will be right there waiting for you. Simply open a new page or folder and begin typing out your work.

Formatting the page won’t be an issue, as this software lets users paste or type information on any spot on the page. You won’t have to keep hitting the tab or enter keys. All of these features may make the application great for professionals and students, but the program’s features and functionality also make it great for personal use. Want one spot to keep up with your to-do list, schedule, decorating plans, family calendar and so forth? Yes, it makes even this easier. It is the top Microsoft Office application for busy moms because, unlike traditional planners, it grants overwhelming flexibility. Truly, using this program is a must-have experience for all.

Ways to Create with OneNote Some may find that there’s a slight learning curve with this program, and that can be a very positive thing. Although it’s user-friendly right from the start, the many usage possibilities means reaping the most benefit can take a bit of experimentation. First, it’s important to learn how to customize it your unique needs and preferences. You have the option of setting up a full notebook from the start or just putting it together as you go. Just like with a physical notebook that features dividers, you may want to name all your tabs first.

And, if you don’t like the look of the plain, blank pages that are default, you can spice things up a bit by customizing it with paper styles, such as grid, ruled, or yellow. With the Ink to Text and Ink to Math features you can write your notes and formulas by hand and they’ll be converted to type. It can calculate the math for you. There is a huge list of keyboard shortcuts you may want to review, as they are all designed to make using the program a smoother, more enjoyable experience. Last but far from all, there is a ton of apps that integrate with this program, extending its functionality. Depending on how you plan to use it, you may find quite a few apps that can take your workflow with this program to a whole new level.

OneNote Features Most Don’t Know About

Microsoft continues to add new features to OneNote. Though it has a lot of users, most who use it aren’t reaping the full benefit because there are features they don’t know about. For example, there are a lot of users who don’t realize they can use page templates to save a lot of time on formatting. And, with custom tabs, cross referencing your notes becomes far easier. The internal linking capability boosts organization and docked note-taking means not having to switch back and forth when referencing videos or web page content that you don’t want to add directly to the notebook.

Ultimately, anyone who wants to get the most out of using this application has to keep up with the latest news regarding it. What Will You Do with OneNote? It’s not hard to find many great office productivity programs, but there’s nothing that comes close to this one – not even Evernote. This is the solution for those who want to cut down on clutter, frustration, and wasted time and get one single program that can boost their productiveness exponentially. Perhaps the only downside to using this tool is that it’s not available to those who have older Chromebooks. Once you master the art of using this program, the sky is the limit.