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Microsoft To Do is a comprehensive task management application that enables easy integration with other applications. This ensures that there is efficient task handling, or execution. The app allows customization of user experience through the availability of configurable theme.

Software description

Microsoft To Do refers to a simple, as well as intelligent to do list that assists users in managing all their tasks in a central place. With this app, users can work through their tasks for the day in My Day, and generate any number of additional lists to organize their work. This may include groceries, travel, shopping, and movies to watch etc.

In each list users can add as many tasks as they want. Through this, they are able to keep everything on track by predetermining due dates, as well as reminders for every task. They can also star their most important tasks. In addition, they can use steps to divide their larger tasks into more manageable pieces, and notes to capture extra information. All the tasks are accessible on Exchange Online servers. Due to this they will automatically appear in Outlook tasks.

Microsoft To Do does not help users handle complex projects, it only does the fundamental tasks. This is what people who use it want. The application has a number of features that enables the users to achieve what they want from Microsoft To Do. For instance, there is a collaboration feature; the are two versions of this software, that is, for web and desktop application. These versions are available for both Windows, and Mac devices.

Security is also another feature; it uses two-factor authentication. It allows users to set up additional identity verification through 2FA. In addition, there is Single Sign-On (SSO); since the application is part of the Microsoft cloud ecosystem, it allows it to take advantage of the SSO abilities of Azure. Additionally, there is task prioritization, and scheduler, this is the main feature of Microsoft To Do. It can not only create main tasks, but also subtasks to help you monitor the difficulties of anything you are look to get it done.

Microsoft To Do has a document storage feature. It has a file upload field in every individual task including documents, images, as well as other types of files. Apart from this, it also enables file sharing with other software users. The software however, does not offer any budgeting features.

Microsoft To Do offers a number of benefits to its users. For example, it enables to manage tasks in simple way; through lists, and groups they can assign tasks, arrange them into groups, and they can add deadlines to each of them. Users can also add micro-steps within each task you they want to split it further. Through the daily view, the users can know what is next and what is coming up. When they turn on their laptops they clearly see what they have to do that day, and what they may have not done from previous days.

Apart from these advantages, Microsoft To Do has also some disadvantages. One of the reviewers says that, he experiences challenge when it comes to adding tasks with a repeating deadline. That is, if he schedules the first deadline to a future date, it reverts to “Today”. This made him to set the deadline twice.

According to Microsoft, there are a few steps users can follow to make the most out of Microsoft To Do. One of them is pinning the application to taskbar. This helps them to quickly access their favourite lists, and they can add new task, or update an existing one in a single click.

Another is setting app badge notifications, with this users can get a sense of how many outstanding tasks they have without opening the app. Other ways include, using live tiles to keep an eye on multiple lists. Assigning tasks in a shareable lists, and adding contexts to their tasks.

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