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NovaPDF refers a to software tool for Windows that operates as a virtual PDF printer. It has the ability of creating industry-standard PDF files from any software that has a print menu dialog.

Software description

novaPDF is a pdf creator that enables you to easily develop high quality searchable PDF files. This application is easy to use; once you install it, all you have to do is click on print from the file menu of virtually any software you are using. This software acts as a virtual printer. You can generate any kind of PDF file such as bookmarks, PDF links, public, as well as private documents, PDF watermarks, and carry out PDF compression.

novaPDF is simple, and has a fully comprehensive tutorial, and manual. There is also free support which is unfamiliar with unofficial piece of software. As a user, you have enough control over what you add to the documents including the capability to fix fonts, and put images of various resolutions. Ability to compress images is another useful feature. That is, if the images or texts are extraordinarily large, you can compress the whole document later on regardless of what it includes.

With NovaPDF, individuals, and businesses are capable of creating PDF documents, efficiently share them with a lot of ease. Hence, enhancing the process of collaboration. With a few clicks, the user will have the company’s reports, workflows. Also, they can have contracts, agreements, spreadsheets, marketing plans, products list, forms, price list, emails, charts. And other printable files that a user can convert in PDF format.

The primary function is to allow users to exchange electronic documents easily. And independently of the application they originally come from. You can view the outcome of the PDF files on any computer having a PDF viewer or reader. The pdf printer drive needs the .NET structure. It is suitable with the following operating systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Vista both 32 and 64 bits.

NovaPDF has a number of amazing features. One of them is universal printing; with this software you can convert any kind of a document to PDF. For instance, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, HTML, TXT, others. You can access its functionality via a printer driver interface. To create a PDF document, you have to simply click on the print button from any Windows app, or use novaPDF’s getting started interface.

novaPDF comes with add-ons for all Microsoft office programs. Such programs include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, as well as outlook. It permits one-click conversion to PDF from office programs. A vital advantage of the add-ins is the transformation of invisible hyperlinks as well as easy change of bookmarks.

Furthermore, novaPDF provides security. Users can secure their PDF documents by demanding their recipients to key in a security code to view, print or copy and past contents from the PDF. In addition, users are capable of controlling whether the others can view, change, print, copy or annotate the document. Also, they can employ digital signatures to validate the legitimacy of the PDF document.

Another important feature is the digital signature. If users have this kind of signature, they can sign their PDF documents; hence, verifying the originality, as well as the integrity of PDF document for the recipient. It is critical to sign the pdf files in order to prevent the document from illegal access and editing. Documents such as agreements, invoices, and contracts are sensitive; hence they must have the signature.

To convert a document to PDF, you start by launching the NovaPDF app. Its start page enables you to efficiently convert a document by selecting the file and clicking on create. But, it uses the app’s default settings to generate the pdf file. Therefore, if you want to change the settings you can change them prior to creating the PDF.

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