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ProgDVB is a software program designed for watching satellite and terrestrial broadcasts on your computer. It supports reception equipment, including satellite dishes, TV/radio cards and external capture devices.









Software description

ProgDVB can tune into thousands of channels from, over the world. You can also record videos in formats such as TS, MKV, AVI, MP4 and more. The user channel scan and organization system make it easy to find the content you want. In essence, ProgDVB provides a desktop solution for receiving and managing broadcast signals from any source. It gives you access to programming that traditional antennas may not pick up.


Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

One of the features of ProgDVB is its Picture in Picture capability. This allows you to continue watching a channel in a window while working on other tasks. You can move the PiP video box on your screen even over other open applications. This means you can keep an eye on a feed of a program in the corner of your display while multitasking without fullscreen mode. ProgDVB offers viewing options that let you enjoy your shows while handling other activities, on your computer.

Plugins and Extensions

ProgDVB offers the option to enhance its functionality through plugins and extensions. These plugins allow you to integrate media players, teletext viewers, subtitle tools and more. On top of that extensions provide enhancements to the program guide, audio level indicators and accessibility options. In terms plugins and extensions let you customize ProgDVB according to your requirements. You can expand the default tools by adding extras that suit your preferences. This way ProgDVB becomes a, in one media viewing suite tailored perfectly for you.

Remote Control Support

Another great feature of ProgDVB is its support for controls. It is compatible with PC remotes that use infrared, Bluetooth or radio frequency technology. This means you can control ProgDVBs tuner and DVR functions. You can easily switch channels adjust volume levels and control playback using these controls. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to create custom profiles with button mappings for your device. Essentially, ProgDVBs remote support allows for a seamless channel surfing and navigation experience from a television setup.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

One of the standout features of ProgDVB is its Electronic Program Guide (EPG). It provides a way to navigate channels and schedules. The EPG displays programs along with their start times in a grid layout to what cable or satellite providers offer. With search and filter tools finding content across all channels becomes effortless. You can bookmark your shows. Users can set reminders for upcoming episodes. The guide data also facilitates scheduled recordings of your programs. Essentially, the EPG recreates the experience of channel surfing on TV on your PC, with an interface. Finally, it makes ProgDVB feel like your very own customizable TV platform.

 Recording and Timeshifting

ProgDVB offers options, for recording and pausing television. It allows you to save broadcasts in formats like TS, MKV, AVI, MP4 and more. If needed you can even edit the videos before archiving them. With timeshifting support, you can pause live TV. Resume watching giving you the freedom to skip through commercials or breaks. The user-friendly scheduler makes it easy to set up automated recordings. So that you don’t have to worry about missing your shows. ProgDVB essentially gives you the power to determine when and how you watch and store your programming. Its DVR like features allow for a video archive.

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