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All in all, Serato DJ is a powerful piece of software that can help you take your DJing skills to the next level. The ability to easily mix and match tracks makes it a great choice for both beginner and experienced DJs alike. If you’re looking for an intuitive way to create mixes on your computer, Serato DJ is definitely worth checking out.










Software description

For those who work as DJs professionally or enjoy DJing as a personal hobby on the weekends, having the right kind of software is an important part of the art. A serious guitarist wouldn’t want to have the cheapest plastic children’s guitar out there. In the same vein, hobbyist, amateur, and professional DJs alike need high-quality DJ software to make music, too.

One of the most popular software choices for DJs of all experience levels has been Serato DJ for years. Now that this software has transitioned to being Serato DJ Pro, you’ll want to know all the details about this software before you use it or buy it. Read more below to find out what this software is and what advantages it holds.

Serato DJ is the former name of a new software upgrade called “Serato DJ Pro.” Users of the former software that have a current license of the software can upgrade it for free with Serato DJ Pro. Those who don’t have the original software may still be able to download the improved version. They just won’t be able to use the full features since they will be stuck in Practice Mode.

Serato DJ is essentially a simpler version of Serato DJ Pro. It has all of the basic features of the app including mixing decks and effects. It is also compatible with turntables, CDJs, and certain DJ controllers. This makes it ideal for those working DJ events or experimenting with DJing to use.

In essence, both are very similar to each other. However, the older one lacks the updates such as full-featured two-deck Practice Mode, the support of 64-bit systems to improve how the software performs and stabilizes, and an updated assistance section in the app. This means that those who have the original software should update to the Pro version to avoid missing out on all of these new and exciting features.

Unfortunately, this software is not free. Given the professional quality of it, it only makes sense that the developers would charge users to access the app. Users can access the app for fourteen days for free through a free trial, though. One perk of the upgrade’s release is that users’ free trials have all been reset. That means that if you already used your free trial to test out the Serato DJ software, you can use another free trial to try out the upgrade with all the cool new features.

You absolutely do not have to be a DJ to use this app. In fact, the official website encourages those who just want to enjoy making music to download the app. While DJing can be a fun way to use this software, it’s not the only thing it can do. You can mix your own tracks or simply play around with the software to unwind after a long day.

High-resolution screen

With the new-and-improved update, a high-resolution screen will be supported on the app. The older version may struggle with it, though.


The Serato DJ app is music-making software. It has been upgraded and replaced by the Pro version of it. With the new support features, better UI, and higher quality help, there’s a lot to love about the upgrade.

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