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SMPlayer has a simple and unique interface with the options clearly divided into separate menu categories. It is very easy to install and use, but for user convenience they have introduced the help option for answering of usual problems that users come across with. It gives you a great experience of running videos and audio files with high quality performance. Being a small tool of just 23 MB, it can be downloaded and installed easily on your PC for better experience.









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Software description

If you’re searching for the most advanced and free media player for Windows and Linux, you’re in the right place. SMPlayer is a media player that can play almost any audio and video formats available. There is no need for any plugins or external codes. All you have to do is get SMPlayer today and start playing right away.

Key Features


Why go with SMPlayer?

SMPlayer is a smart and powerful media player that can adapt to your needs. It is featured-packed, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything.

Navigate SMPlayer with ease with its highly optimized and simplified and interface. Don’t get lost in your files; enjoy your content. Besides, it has so many features, such as the ability to play YouTube videos and download subtitles without leaving the app.

Major Features

Supports all media formats

Play all known audio and video formats. It has built-in codes, so there is no need to install any plugins or applications to play different media formats. It also supports disk files so you can play converted contents.

Play YouTube videos

There is an available plugin developed by the team behind SMPlayer that allows you to watch YouTube videos without leaving the app. It is advantageous since you can utilize the playback quality and controls of SMPlayer.

Playback controls and filters

SMPlayer packs some impressive features. Using it, you can apply filters and presets to videos and audio. It will enhance or adjust video and audio quality, so you will only witness the best version of the content your watching.

You can change the playback speed of video and audio when you want to consume content in a faster way. Also, it has a video equalizer so you can adjust the audio quality of movies and other videos. There are many more features in SMPlayer, so check it out.

Download subtitles

It is quite a chore to download subtitles for movies. You need to manually look from many websites to get the best synced and accurate texts in a subtitle. Also, you will need to unzip it and paste it into the video’s folder. Lastly, you will have to select the subtitle inside the media player you’re using.

SMPlayer makes it easier to download and display subtitles. It automatically identifies movie titles and downloads the best subtitle it can find from top subtitle sharing platforms. Once you start playing, a subtitle will automatically display over your movie. You can also control the subtitle delay if the subtitle text isn’t properly synced with the movie’s dialogue.

Customize interface

Change SMPlayer’s appearance and interface. Use built-in skins and icons to change how the player looks based on your preferences. You can also create or use custom themes made by the ever-growing community of users. There are endless possibilities, so make SMPlayer yours today!

Free, open-source, and multi-platform

SMPlayer is entirely free. Enjoy the best media consumption experience right away without any fees and limitations. SMPlayer is entirely open-source, so the community of users will continuously feel involved. Above all, it is available for Windows and Linux machines, so no matter what platform you’re using, SMPlayer will be available for you to use.

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