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Collaborative work is a great thing, it allows you to figure out what you are doing and to share thoughts and ideas so that you can work with a team and so that everyone can be heard. When working remotely or working where you cannot necessarily just show your teammates your screen, it may be necessary to take a screenshot or to share what you are doing remotely. Snagit is a great program that makes collaborative working so much easier.

Snagit is a program that allows users to take screenshots, add context and notes to those screenshots, and to then share and communicate them with the team. This is far better than simply taking a screenshot then hoping whoever you are sending it to understands what you are trying to say or relate. It is going to be far simpler to use a program like Snagit that does allow you to go that step further and give more context.

Snagit Features

There are some truly great features that come with this program. The first is that the screenshot process is easy and fast. You do not have to do a ton of different steps to get your screenshot. You can take a screenshot quickly, you can then add notes on the shot, you can save and organize the shots that you have taken so that you can recall them and use them again later, and you can send them to other users rather quickly.

You can also make step-by-step instructions with the screenshots that you have taken so that your team knows what you are doing and knows how to go along with what you are sharing. Not only can you share these screenshots as JPEG images, you can also share them as videos and GIF to help you explain what is going on and help your team really know what you are talking about.

Snagit works with a huge range of programs as well, it works with PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Outlook, TechSmith Screencast, Google Drive, TechSmith Knowmia, and even Camtasia. This wide range of different apps that it works with makes this a great program if you are not sure what other member of the team are using, and you want to be able to reach out to everyone at once.

Snagit also offers a simple screen capture that allows you to capture just one frame, you can do a panoramic scroll that allows you to grab the entire screen, or you can simply grab text off of the screen that you want to use. You can also record your screen, record your webcam or just record audio that you want to then share.

Snagit is a one time purchase based program. For $49.99 you can download the program for one computer and can get the best support and the best program option available. If you are dealing with a computer that has had Snagit before, you can get the one-year maintenance kit that does help upgrade your subscription. If you are unsure if you want this program, you can get a free trial to see what features are offered and see if the program is right for you.

There are so many features that are offered through Snagit that can help make this a great program for you. This is going to give you all the features you need to share with your team and is easy to use and effective.

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