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Windows 8 is a revamped edition of the popular PC operating system. It completely altered how users interact with the system and made browsing simple. The OS focuses on an efficient search interface, better data security, cloud storage support, and performance improvement. Not to forget, the newly launched Windows Store and Xbox account integration are features of the new release.

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Windows 8 OS came as a big surprise. That’s mainly because it was quite different from Windows’ usual style.

Windows users tend to wait for the release of new versions for Microsoft always brings unique features in its new releases. This was the case with version 8 of Windows too. So, there was a major hype prior to its release.

Now, let’s explore how this version was different from its predecessors. Let’s go!

Dynamic Interface

The new version of the desktop OS has a unique interface with multiple desktops. This wasn’t a part of any previous versions. So, you’ll find it easier to organize all your documents and software. With Task View, you can create and manage separate desktops too.

Talking about the Start Menu, the operating system changed this feature. You may notice there’s no traditional start button. Instead, there is a start window with tile icons to access apps.

The primary focus in earlier versions of Windows was PC users. But with Windows 8, developers targeted users of other devices like tablet PCs and smartphones.

Enhanced Security

Large memory space is one of the most sought-after features of a PC. From personal memories to work documents, you can store plenty of data. But this information on your hard disk should never go into the hands of unauthorized users. Right?

Microsoft professionals understand this need for data privacy. So, the new Windows came equipped with an advanced version of Windows Defender. Now, the tool has strong controls and can better detect and eliminate malware.

Better Control of System Performance

One of the best features of Windows 8 is its modern Task Manager. You may want to monitor apps running in the background. Or monitor whether the system performance is up to par. This is when the Task Manager app comes into play!

You can now find abundant information about the system. Check out CPU usage or its performance graph over time. Or explore which system services are running on your PC. Also, you can find out which apps are slowing down your computer on reboot. It’s all there!

Launch of Windows Store

When you use this Windows version for the first time, you may notice a prominent addition. Yes, we are talking about Windows Store. This was the first time Microsoft launched the digital store and made it a part of the Windows interface.

It’s no longer difficult to quickly find and install apps and games. And the best thing is that many paid apps offer a trial period to Windows users. So, try and evaluate them before making payments.

Prioritizing the Preferences of Gamers

With the launch of this OS version, Microsoft targeted a larger audience. So, developers added built-in Xbox Live integration. It added value to gamers since they can now log in to their Xbox accounts. This way, you can access your console games on your PC and import settings too.

Additional Features

Aside from these, Windows 8 has plenty of other innovative features. The cutting-edge operating system offers USB 3.0 support and PIN code and picture passwords for extra safety. Also, you can conveniently reset your system with its step-by-step wizard.

To conclude, Windows 8 is a reliable yet innovative partner. It improves the user experience for PC and portable device users while offering a wide range of features.

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