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Windows 8 is an operating system from Microsoft for personal computers. It is unique from the previous versions of Microsoft. The design of its interface suggests that it is suitable for use on tablets, and smartphones.









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Windows 8 refers to a computer operating system from Microsoft. It came as a part of Windows NT, a member of operating systems. Its release date was on August 1, 2012. However, it became accessible to the public on October 26, 2012. This version of Windows is a predecessor of Windows 7, and its successor is Windows 11; the latest version of Windows at hand. Windows 8 consists of a table interface, that is, Metro. It is compatible with touchscreen displays. In addition, it is available for traditional Windows desktops. From the sample display, it is evident that the start screen replaces the start button, as well as the Start menu.

There are multiple versions of windows 8 each with different set of features. They include Windows 8 core; this is first edition for IA-32, and x64 architectures. This edition includes traits for local market segmentation. It also offers all the fundamental Windows 8 new features. Windows 8 Pro is another edition of Windows 8. This is comparable to the previous version of Windows, that is, Windows 7 professional, and ultimate.

This is because they both target business individuals, and enthusiasts. This version has all the features of Windows 8 core. Some of the other features include capability to receive remote desktop connections. Also, it can participate in Windows server domain. There are also encryptions in its file systems. On the other hand, the Windows Media Centre feature is available as separate package, and it is in Windows 8 Pro only.

Another edition of Windows 8 is Windows 8 Enterprise. It became accessible on August 16, 2012. It offers all the features present in Windows 8 Pro except being capable of installing the Windows Media Centre plugin. It targets Software Assurance customers, MSDN, as well as Technet Professional subscribers.

The last edition is Windows RT, you can only pre-install this on ARM-based gadgets like table PCs. It comprises of touch-optimized desktop versions for your fundamental Office 2013 application sets such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and One note. This edition also supports device encryption, but it lacks numerous business-centric features like Group Policy, and Domain Support.

To run Windows 8 effectively, your computer should meet the following minimum requirements. The Central Processing Unit should be 1 GHz, but 2 GHz for 64 bit version, it should be able to support NX, PAE, and SSE2. It should reinforce 64-bit versions of CMPXCHG16b, and LAHF / SAHF. In addition, your device’s RAM should be 1 GB for 32-bit, and 2 GB for 64-bit version.

Hard disk should have at least 16 GB free space for 32-bit, and 20 GB free for 64-bit. Another requirement is the hardware’s graphic specifications, its GPU should be able to handle DirectX 9 with WDDM driver. Lastly, depending on how you want to install Windows 8, for instance when you DVD media, the optical drive should be able to accommodate DVD discs.

Apart from its useful features and functionalities, Windows 8 has some disadvantages. One of the drawbacks include compatibility issues. This happens since to most of the third-party applications. For instance, the application that runs fine on Windows 7 can stop working once you try to run it on Windows 8. Furthermore, the new metro interface restricts multitasking.

It only permits two applications, but fails if you are using a wide display. Other issues include unavailability of start button, and limitations to some screen resolutions. More so, this version of Windows is a bit costly; for instance during its prime moments, the Pro versions were costing $200 for purchasing. After this, there were more expenses for additional software, and resource upgrades. Thus, increasing the overall expense.

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