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Windows Loader is a freeware that helps in activating all Windows 7 versions. It is able to bypass all activation requirements to provide you with a legal license and a serial code. It is effective to run and safe. It is free unlike most windows activators.










Software description

Windows Loader is an activation application for window 7 versions. It activates all versions of Windows 7 running from premium, professional, ultimate and many more. Windows Loader bypasses all activation requirements and provides you with a legal license. It is also a legit application though it is not 100% legal. Windows Loader is the only free windows activator. Also, it is free to download and run in your windows 7 computer. It executes activation of full windows 7 package.

In addition, to install and run the software on a computer, you download Windows Loader first from the official website. After the download is complete, extract the zip file using any extraction application. Run this file on the managerial folder to counteract any limitations. Later on, the application provides a legal license and serial number. This makes your computer safer and legal to use. In order to execute this command, you have to restart your device. You can then enjoy windows 7 features comfortably. However, you have to be observant while using this application.

Also, before you use Windows Loader, deactivate your security firewall and disable antivirus software. This is because being security features, they may undermine performance and operations of Windows Loader. With them being in inactive form guarantees seamless activation of the computer. You can later enable the firewall and the antiviruses to continue performing their tasks. The challenge with this precaution measures is that the activation application may harbor malware and viruses. The fact that they are not undergoing scanning before their execution provide a direct entry to the system. Windows Loader is disastrous since it may result to crushing of the entire system.

Furthermore, Windows Loader is a freeware that do not require purchase. Its developers, Microsoft Company, made it free to Windows 7 users. It is available for download from its official website. Once you download it you can execute on any computer. It is portable and transferrable on a USB drive.

In addition, Windows Loader works on several computers. However, there are frequent updates of the application. This means older versions might not be effective to execute on modern Windows 7 versions. One of the advantages is that it has a simple interface. It is simple in that anybody can understand and manage to navigate about it. It has a user guide to ensure everyone gets to know how to use it comfortably.

Also, Windows Loader runs faster to completion within a short duration. It takes up a little space of the systems RAM, and therefore, it does not inhibit any functionalities of the computer. It is capable of detecting Windows version and architecture. Windows Loader provides custom keys to all users; its use is universal and users can activate Windows 7 in any language. It has additional secret complex keys for complex activation. Moreover, it is compatible with both 32 bits and 64 bits. This is like a universal compatibility because all windows7 versions range here.

Windows Loader has a FAQ feature which contains answers and questions. This helps whereby you can ask any question concerning difficulties you face. The support service will provide appropriate response. If further explanation is mandatory, they’ll reach out to you personally and help out. The FAQ feature is very educative. By reviewing the questions and responses, you gain more knowledge concerning this software.

This means you can solve any challenge you are likely to encounter in the future. Additionally, Windows Loader will not install anything to your computer. Its sole role is to activate and nothing more; it provides a permanent activation. Once you activate your computer, it is well and capable to run till its shutdown.

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Windows Loader

Windows Loader

Windows Loader is a freeware that helps in activating all...