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ZoneAlarm features sophisticated firewall protection, which proactively blocks inbound and outbound network attacks. Advanced Network Monitor of the program prevents spyware activities and stops viruses which other anti-virus software let go in. The secure file download prevents downloading of malware, Web protection ensures safe use of the Internet and web sites.

Software description

If you are looking for a trusted way to protect your PC from threats, then look no further than ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. With over 20 million downloads, it has won multiple awards over 20 years and has been branded “the best firewall in the world” by some leading tech experts, PC vendors and magazines out there. And best of all, this software comes completely for free. Let’s have a look at some powerful features of ZoneAlarm Free FIrewall.

ZoneAlarm utilises cutting-edge programming, protecting users from inbound and outbound attacks. Fully controllable, this powerful software gives users the ability to configure it to their security needs. It can target and defeat even new, advanced attacks, that many other firewalls might miss, providing top-class security for your PC. It uses sophisticated programming to monitor programs on the user’s computer, to spot and stop attacks that bypass traditional firewalls. It also prevents outbound and inbound attacks, making the user’s PC invisible to hackers.

ZoneAlarm provides an advanced Identity Protection feature, which encrypts the user’s data and even offers offline information protection services. One of the most impressive marks of this software, Identity Protection monitors the user’s daily credit report, to alert of any fraudulent activities and to provide an easy recovery option in case of identity theft.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall provides advanced anti-phishing protection, keeping the user’s information safe from hackers and malicious websites. It scans websites being accessed, and informs, whether the website is legitimate or a phishing attempt, before the user shares any personal information with it. The firewall also protects the PC by monitoring software for suspicious behaviour, hiding the user from hackers, identity thieves and other online threats, while using unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

ZoneAlarm also features an inbuilt traffic monitor, which not only checks data coming into the computer, but also monitors data going out. Not only does that make the PC invisible to hackers, but also protects the user’s data from being exposed online by spyware. Another powerful element of the service provided by the firewall is the Early Boot Protection. Early Boot Protection can detect, in the earliest stages of the system start up, whether the system starting up is indeed a trusted operating system or a dangerous rootkit, increasing the PC security, even at the early moments of startup.

ZoneAlarm also offers a Safe Document Download feature, which uses Zero-Day Protection to check downloaded files for malicious features, such as macros, embedded objects and viruses. Once detected, ZoneAlarm can alert the user and remove any potential threats before they can do any harm to the user’s PC.

ZoneAlarm features an easily accessible online support service, so all users can be assured all problems with the software will be fixed quickly and securely. Due to that, and all of it’s other impressive features, it comes as no surprise that ZoneAlarm has won an independent, prestigious award for the World’s Best Firewall an astonishing 13 times. So why not start protecting your PC today, download ZoneAlarm Free now!

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