Operating system

What is Operating System (OS)?

People frequently speak of operating systems when they are talking about computers and all that they can do. The question that many have is what are operating systems and why are they so important. It seems that people are talking about them all the time, but there is not always a lot of clarification as far as what they actually do. Today, we want to look at what an operating system is, why it is so important, and why you might want to learn even more about them going forward.

The Most Important Part of a Software System

It is undoubtedly true that the operating system is the most important piece of software that you will ever run on your computer. The reason why this can be said so definitely is because the operating system literally runs all of the memory and processes that allow the software on your computer to operate at all. If you don’t have an operating system that is functioning properly, then you aren’t going to have programs that work at all for you.

How the Operating System Functions

Typically, there are several computer programs all running at the same time on your device. To manage all of that, the computer needs an operating system that can handle that kind of workflow. Therefore, it needs an operating system that manages all of the workflow that you throw at it.

Operating systems access the central workings of the computer and manage the information that moves throughout it. The importance of this is that the operating system controls the workflow that your computer manages so that it doesn’t get overflowed or backlogged in any way that may cause it to not function in the ways you had hoped. It is a reasonable and understandable concern that you might be worried about the ability of your operating system to handle all of the workflow that you pump into it if you don’t have an operating system that can clearly handle the workload. That is why people like to know which operating system they are working with. It gives them the balance and flow that they need to manage every process as it comes their way.

Operating Systems Are Generally Pre-Loaded

You don’t have to worry about installing an operating system on your own in most cases. They are generally pre-loaded onto the device that you are working with. Different devices have different operating systems loaded onto them, but you can reasonably expect that most of those devices will have the OS downloaded onto it automatically. There shouldn’t be a moment of panic or worry on your part that you can’t get the operating system that you need. It is already on your device and ready to go.

If you want to use something with an operating system that is different from the one that is pre-loaded onto your device, then you might need to look at getting a different device or taking some steps to change the operating system that normally came with the system. There are not too many reasons why you should need to do this, and most experts recommend against this as those operating systems are selected for a specific reason. If you start messing around with them too much, you might not like the results that you end up with.

Examples of Operating Systems

To best understand what an operating system looks like and how it functions, you might need to look at some examples from the real world. You have likely already dealt with some of the operating systems that we will list below, but they are among the most popular, and thus are some of the best to look at as potential examples of what an operating system is.

Microsoft Windows

This operating system has been around since the 1980s and is still pre-loaded on many computers and other technological devices. There are multiple versions of this operating system as Microsoft continues to update the software that it uses on its computers to help users get the most use out of them. That said, you are likely already familiar with some of the tools that Microsoft uses to provide you with the help that you need to take care of your day-to-day tasks.

Microsoft Windows is a great operating system because it has been around for so long and because people are so familiar with it already. It makes it easier to use and get great results from. When you use Microsoft Windows, you know what you are getting right out of the box, and you never have to worry about it changing too much from one year to the next.


Apple has its own operating system on its devices that is completely different from what Microsoft uses. Apple feels that it must do everything it can to protect its intellectual property and provide a space where people can experiment with the tools that Apple puts out for them to use. It is nice to use macOS because it is designed to be a piece of art in and of itself. That is to say that Apple devices are intentionally designed with a little extra something special to them. The company wants to provide its users with the opportunity to experience what it is like to use a device that has been clearly created just for them.

Some who use the macOS system say that they struggle to use other operating systems because they get so used to this one. No matter what the case may be, there are a lot of people who love their macOS system and the devices that it is used on. That is why they are willing to pay a premium price to get those devices in their own hands.


This is an open-source type of OS that people have used for a very long time. The wonderful thing about Linux as an operating system is that it is so accessible and moldable to your needs. The open-source nature of it makes it quite different from other operating systems. Many people greatly appreciate this and say that it grants them the flexibility that they need to use the Linux system for anything that they require.

You should check out all of these operating systems and more to see which ones are best able to help you get your work done effectively.