Best Video Editing Software 2023

Using the top video editing software 2023 can help you to take your videos to the next level. Video media has taken the internet and television by storm, allowing just about anyone to have an opportunity to spread their message or promote their business and brand. If you’re a designer or a videographer looking for a way to edit your videos professionally, we’re here to help. We’ve collected our favorite best video editing programs below to use personally and professionally for any project you take on.


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1. CyberLink PowerDirector 365

For videographers and editors who are new to using editing software, CyberLink PowerDirector 365 is a must-try. CyberLink PowerDirector 365 is not only affordable for those who are non-professionals, but it also provides an easy-to-use interface that is accessible to individuals with little to no experience when it comes to recording and editing their own videos.

Currently, CyberLink PowerDirector 365 does not offer a free version for its users. For those who are interested in using the software, CyberLink PowerDirector 365 is available for $4.08 per month or $19.99 for CyberLink PowerDirector 365 for macOS Service (or $51.99 per year for Mac users).

Pros of PowerDirector

  • Clutter-free workspace: If you are looking for a video editing solution that provides you with a clean and clutter-free workspace, CyberLink PowerDirector 365 is your choice. Work easily and seamlessly without feeling bogged down or confused by the options presented in front of you.
  • Ideal for non-professionals: Even if you are new to recording and editing videos, CyberLink PowerDirector 365 can help you to get acquainted with today’s video editing technologies without a hassle.

Cons of PowerDirector

  • No free version available: Unfortunately, there is not currently a free version of CyberLink PowerDirector 365 available.
  • Not ideal for computer newbies: While CyberLink PowerDirector 365 is recommended for video editors who are new to editing, it may still be far too complex for those who are not at all tech-savvy.
  • Not as many features: If you are someone who cannot get enough impressive features when it comes to editing videos, CyberLink PowerDirector 365 may not be your best choice. Although there is plenty to offer when it comes to editing videos and working with a 100-track timeline, CyberLink PowerDirector 365 does not provide the same features as Adobe Premiere Pro and other alternatives.


Adobe Premiere Pro


2. Adobe Premiere Pro

If you are a videographer, editor, illustrator, or animator, you have likely heard of and used a piece of software from Adobe at one time or another. With Adobe Premier Pro, you can edit just about anything you need, from personal projects to professional studio-grade productions. Adobe Premiere Pro is optimal for those who work as VFX artists as well as professional animators and designers due to its extensive and overwhelming list of features. From customized workflows to the ability to support 4K, 8K, and VR formats, Adobe Premiere Pro delivers everything and more.

Adobe Premiere Pro includes the ability to import, edit, and fine-tune video projects seamlessly while also working with audio and in individualized workspaces. For those who are serious about their time management abilities, there is no need to fret. Adobe Premiere Pro also includes built-in customizable keyboard shortcuts that are user-specific and allow you to create a system that works for you, regardless of your job title, role, and project responsibilities.

Pros of Adobe Premiere Pro

Using Adobe Premiere Pro to create everything from YouTube videos to award-winning productions is possible, especially for those who are familiar with in-depth video-editing tools and functions. Some of the most notable pros of using Adobe Premiere Pro include:

  • Advanced features and functions: For those who are looking for in-depth features and more functionality with their video editing program, Adobe Premiere Pro is a great choice.
  • Free ongoing updates: The way that Adobe distributes its software provides all new users with free ongoing updates for life.
  • Collaborative tools: Users who are interested in third-party tool integration are in luck with the use of Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Cross-platform: If working with cross-platform is a concern, Adobe Premiere Pro is a viable solution.

Cons of Adobe Premiere Pro

Although Adobe Premier Pro is one of the most well-known and popular video editing choices of 2023 and has been used to create Oscar-nominated films, there are a few drawbacks that come with the program.

  • Not always user-friendly: For those who are just getting started with Adobe Premiere Pro or with video editing for the first time, you may feel intimidated by the UI/UX of the software itself.
  • No keyword tagging: The use of keyword tagging can help to expedite the process of exporting and/or managing your screen captures. Unfortunately, Adobe Premiere Pro does not include a keyword tagging feature that is built-in.
  • Not optimal color grading: While Adobe Premiere Pro has plenty of impressive features, it does not hold up when it comes to comparing the color grading features of other alternatives on the market.


Final Cut Pro
From: apple


3. Final Cut Pro

Mac users typically rejoice when they hear the words Final Cut Pro, as Final Cut Pro is one of the most well-known programs used for video editing with the use of a Mac computer or device. Final Cut Pro includes everything from multi-cam editing and intelligent color balancing to its own unique Magnetic Timeline feature, which is exclusive to Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

Some of the most notable features of Final Cut Pro include working with a wide range of effects, handling 360-degree videos, and even integrating your videos and photos into various online platforms, digital libraries, and Apple products.

Currently, Final Cut Pro is available for a one-time fee of $299, although Adobe does provide a free trial for qualifying members.

Pros of Final Cut Pro

Using Final Cut Pro is ideal whether you are new to editing videos or if you are searching for a way to take your video work to the next level. Final cut pro has plenty of benefits that can help you achieve any editing goals you have in mind.

  • Unique features: Final Cut Pro has plenty of unique features that are unavailable with any other video editing program, such as its own Magnetic Timeline function.
  • Support for third-parties: If you are looking for compatibility with third-party apps and plugins, Final Cut Pro has you covered. Additionally, Final Cut Pro also offers support for TouchBar.
  • Create your own workspace: Design your own custom workspace, making it easier than ever to streamline your editing process.
  • HDR Features: Currently, Final Cut Pro includes more than 360+ HDR features that can be easily used and/or implemented into your own works.
  • Advanced color correction: If you are searching for a piece of software that helps to focus on advanced color correction, Final Cut Pro has everything you need.

Cons of Final Cut Pro

Although Final Cut Pro is known as the top tier of video editing for Mac users, there are still a few downsides to using the software.

  • Cost: Unfortunately, there is not currently a free version of Final Cut Pro available. However, there are many free trials as well as online deals for students and professionals alike to save on the total cost of the Final Cut Pro software itself.
  • New timeline: Final Cut Pro uses its own unique Magnetic Timeline, which may take time for some to acclimate to, especially experienced video editors.
  • Not cross-compatible: If you are looking for video editing solution that can be used on both macOS and Windows operating systems, Final Cut Pro is not the one. Final Cut Pro is currently only available for macOS users.
  • Lack of audio tools: Currently, Final Cut Pro does not include advanced audio tools, which may be an issue for video editing projects that also require extensive audio mixing.


Pinnacle Studio
From: pinnaclesys


4. Pinnacle Studio

Are you a Windows user and you want to get started with video editing but you do not know where to begin? If so, you’re in luck with Pinnacle Studio. Designed with beginners in mind, Pinnacle Studio is a wonderful and robust solution for those who are just starting to learn more about video editing but who do not want to become intimidated and/or overwhelmed at the very prospect.

The Pinnacle Studio software is designed with beginner users in mind, providing new editors with an interface that can easily be adjusted by those familiar with working on computers. Some of the features that stand out most when it comes to Pinnacle Studio include the ability to import into 8K while also creating keyframe groups and accessing advanced blend modes with just the click of a button.

Additionally, Pinnacle Studio does not just provide users with a clean and modern editing interface. It also provides a plethora of resources, from 1,500 included effects and titles to completely pre-built templates to help new video editors truly immerse themselves in the process. Color correction tools, time remapping solutions, and stop motion features are all included with Pinnacle Studio, which is why it has made it on our list today.

Currently, there are three versions of Pinnacle Studio: Standard, Studio Plus, and Studio Ultimate. The price of Pinnacle Studio requires a one-time fee of $59.95, $99.95, or $129.95, respectively. There is also a free 30-day trial for those who are unsure about using Pinnacle Studio.

Pros of Pinnacle Studio

Using Pinnacle Studio is great for beginners to dive into the world of video editing without going over their budget or working with software that is far too complex.

  • User-friendly interface: With Pinnacle Studio, eliminate anxieties that may relate to intimidating interfaces. The interface of Pinnacle Studio is not only user-friendly, but it is designed to help guide users through the process of editing and exporting video projects from start to finish.
  • Free resources: All users of Pinnacle Studio will gain access to more than 1,500 premade templates, effects, and titles that can be easily and instantly integrated with your own video projects.
  • Audio support tools: For video editors and audiophiles alike, Pinnacle Studio has a strong audio tool system for robust sound-mixing functions.
  • Free trial: If you are wary about investing in a new piece of recording or editing software before trying it, Pinnacle Studio offers a 30-day free trial to all new users. Anyone who has not yet used the Pinnacle Studio program in the past qualifies for a free 30-day trial.

Cons of Pinnacle Studio

  • No audio ducking: Unfortunately, Pinnacle Studio does not currently support or include audio ducking features.
  • Lack of motion tracking: Pinnacle Studio does not currently include motion tracking features, which may not work for some editors.
  • Lagging interface: At times, users of Pinnacle Studio may experience a lagging of the software’s interface. This may be due to outdated software or poor programming of the software interface itself. As new updates of Pinnacle Studio are released, the lagging complaints lodged by users seem to decrease, depending on the operating system and computer they are currently working on to edit projects.

Immersing yourself in the world of video editing programs is a way to better understand all of the options available. When you know which software features are necessary in order to achieve your desired results, you can select the software that is right for you. With the right video editing software, create the videos you need to maximize your reach and visibility, both online and off.