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Avast Premium Security is an antivirus program designed to safeguard Windows PCs. It employs real time scanning to identify and neutralize viruses, spyware, ransomware and various other threats.








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Software description

Avast Premium Security includes a firewall that effectively blocks network access. Additionally, Avast provides protection by monitoring file behavior to detect any activity. It also offers a sandbox testing feature allowing you to test software in an environment. To further enhance security there is the Sensitive Data Shield, which helps safeguard your system while you navigate the landscape. The main goal of Avast Premium Security is to protect devices from phishing attempts, infected links, identity theft and other cyberattacks. Using AI technology, Avast ensures web browsing experiences while shopping or downloading files. Overall, Avast Premium Security is one solution designed to help users navigate todays world safely.

Antivirus Protection

Avast Premium Security feature actively safeguards, against virus’s malware spyware and other similar threats by utilizing real time scanning capabilities. It can quickly identify and contain files before they can infect your device. Furthermore, software behavior analysis helps in detecting emerging threats. Basically, this offers a line of defense, against viruses and cyberattacks that try to invade your system. Antivirus Protection uses AI algorithms to adjust to infection techniques. In the end, Avast Premium Security ensures browsing, downloading and computer usage by stopping viruses. Users can connect online with confidence knowing that Avast is constantly working behind the scenes to prevent cyber threats.


Avast’s Anti Phishing feature protects users against websites that attempt to steal information. Specifically, it blocks access, to known scams and fake pages that imitate banks, retailers or other services. It also continuously scans URLs in time to identify phishing content. This essential feature prevents cybercriminals from deceiving users into entering their login credentials and financial details on forged sites. Moreover, the Anti Phishing protection also safeguards credit card numbers. Ultimately, Avast Premium Security ensures an experience for shopping, banking and web browsing by phishing attempts. With Avast actively working to prevent identity theft and financial fraud users can confidently enter their payment information.

Wi-Fi Inspector

The Wi Fi Inspector functionality in Avast Premium Security scans your network for vulnerabilities. Its primary focus is on detecting passwords and open ports that may grant hacker’s access. Additionally, it keeps an eye on all connected devices for any activity that could indicate a breach, in security. In essence, it identifies risks within your home network before actors can exploit them. Furthermore, the Wi Fi Inspector provides recommendations to enhance the security of your router settings and connections further. Its goal is to ensure that your Wi Fi environment remains tightly secured. Avast users can browse the internet with confidence using Wi Fi Inspector. This feature actively monitors their area network to ensure that their PCs and data had protected from any threats.


The Sandboxing feature creates an environment where you can test files without any risk, to your system. This way you can observe their behavior and actions without worrying about infecting your device. Think of sandboxing as a shield that isolates threats. If the file turns out to be malicious its harmful actions will contain within the sandbox.

Behavior Shield

The Behavior Shield keeps an eye on applications for any activity that could indicate malware. It specifically watches out for behaviors like changes to system settings or files. Alerts you if it detects ransomware like encryption of documents. Consider the Behavior Shield as a guard that flags anything that seems dangerous. Ultimately, the Behavior Shield provides protection by identifying threats based on how they operate than relying solely on signatures used by traditional antivirus tools. This ensures Avast Premium Security users stay guarded against attacks that may go unnoticed, by security measures.

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