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Kaspersky internet security is an antivirus software. It protects and ensures operating system is in good condition. It carries out periodic scanning of the system to detect any malware presence.









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Kaspersky internet security is a free antivirus software. This software supports Android, Windows, Mac operating systems. The software plays a larger role in maintaining and protecting your device. It runs many scans and launches many operations to ensure utmost safety.

Firstly, this software run thorough scans through your device. It has several target points. It mainly scans for possible malware in your device. Presence of malware can interfere with normal functions of the device. It also scans new incoming files as they may harbour viruses and other harmful malware.

Kaspersky Internet Security also carries out a thorough scan throughout the device. For instance, it scans external devices like flash disks. Additionally, it provides password manager, a feature that helps you to create, store and manage passwords. You can save the complex passwords and auto fill whenever you need to use them.

This auto fill methods helps you to keep your passwords as a secret from those trying to spy. Kaspersky Internet Security also help retrieve passwords in case you have lots of them. This feature allows you to use biometric devices with much ease.

Furthermore, Kaspersky Internet Security helps parents to monitor their kids internet usage. The software helps by building shields that restrict kids access. The shields prevent them from accessing explicit content or sites with adult content. It also keeps record on what the kid was looking for. The parent can later monitor and know what his or her kid spends more time on. In addition, it sieves out sites and apps and provide those interned for kids.

Moreover, Kaspersky Internet Security offers free VPN network. You can personalize the network and hide your identity. This protects you from possible tracking because your IP address remains anonymous. No one can trace where you are. This is a good and protective measure.

Kaspersky Internet Security also offers virtual keyboard. You can use it to key in codes and passwords. It is another protective measure against those who will trace physical keying in of codes on the keyboard. There is also a webcam protection. When any software tries to access your webcam, permission to allow it access it. Therefore no one can hack and use your webcam without your permission. The software has frequent updates.

This means there is no need to carry out scans throughout the system because some are periodically updated and scanned. It also back up and restore data and files. Though it does not offer cloud or storage of files and data, it will back them up on drives and cloud. It can also restore them from the storage software.

Kaspersky Internet Security has an intuitive interface. It is easy to use and navigate about it. It offers an additional browser with free banking. You can use the browser to browse other things. It offers top security to your data. It blocks all possible links that may contain virus. Deleted files are temporarily stored so that when u completely want to get rid of them you can then delete them.

Kaspersky internet security disposes old files and data. It therefore acts as a shredder in the office. It does this to keep the device’s system free from a lot of useless data. It is junk as they may make other operations to be slow. On the other hand, it safeguards important documents files and data.

In addition, using this software guarantee security and privacy. By using anonymous VPN network no one can trace your geographical location since the IP address anonymous. This feature is crucial especially when you want to share sensitive content to masses without being traced. Kaspersky internet security may not be fully efficient. It does require a lot of personal information.

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