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Straight from RobTop Games comes Geometry Dash, a platformer game with more than 21 company-made levels to play. Players can get in on the rhythm-based, creative fun, too. Currently, there are currently more than 40 million user-made levels and that number is sure to keep growing!

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Software description

Originally released in December 2014, Geometry Dash is the perfect game for platform players that love skill challenges that increase with difficulty as they reach higher levels. Navigate each game by flying, flipping, and jumping your way to a victorious finish.

Game Description

Playing as geometric shapes, players clear different types of obstacles by strategically timing their moves by jumping or flying. Clearing obstacles isn’t the only challenge though. At points during the gameplay, you can expect large monsters to be at your character’s heels. This adds another layer of urgency, meaning you have to move fast and still clear the level.

As the game is rhythm-based, you can bet the kooky soundtrack is up to par for players. In many ways, it really drives the gameplay. After successfully clearing a level, players are rewarded with stars that can be used for different perks within the game.

Stars can unlock new levels, achievements, or other types of content (like secret levels). Harder levels reward players with more stars once the level is cleared. Other collectibles include things like mana orbs, shards, keys, secret coins, and diamonds.

Geometry Dash Levels

There are many levels of the game that players can go through. While there are many official levels, there are also user-created levels to tackle. Each level has a different title, theme, and difficulty rating.

While each level is categorized by difficulty, those obstacles can vary in seemingly impossible ways. Some are in normal mode but can go as far as being “demon” or “insane” in difficulty. The gameplay is also tiered by such categories as Tower (harder levels), Dash (insane), and Explorers (demon level).

There are five games within the series that make up Geometry Dash. You can also play on various types of devices and platforms. Each level is dripping with dangerous fun and some of those levels seem next to impossible. Yet, that’s also what makes this platformer game so addictive and intriguing.

Other Game Perks

As mentioned before, there are official levels of gameplay in Geometry Dash. However, one of the nicest things about the game is that users can create their own levels for all other players to use. This helps create a dedicated community and keeps players engaged to elevate the game even further.

Using the level editor, players can create unique levels. While these levels are not considered official, other players can rate user-created levels. They can also recommend stars, like or dislike the level, and make suggestions through the comment section.

While Geometry Dash is free to play, users can choose to purchase other versions of the game for increased access and collectibles. Compared to other popular platformer games, Geometry Dash is surprisingly affordable. This helps make the game accessible to a multitude of players and builds a broader community of gamers.


Before diving into serious gameplay, there are practice modes that new users can run through to get a sense of the game. This is great for anyone that has never played Geometry Dash or anyone that is getting their feet wet in the world of platformer games.

User accounts let players set up their profiles to share within the wide community of GD players. The game is considerably interactive, allowing players to fully immerse themselves and easily connect with each other. In many ways, GD is its own social network.

Bonus Incentives

Users can also log in for daily rewards and there is a “level of the week” every seven days. Both of these give players incentives to log in every day and score free loot.


Gamers can play Geometry Dash on various types of devices and platforms. Android users can use Google Play and there is an IOS Game Center integration. Users can also choose to play the game on Steam (which has its own built-in incentives for gameplay).

Constant and clever challenges abound in Geometry Dash, but that’s also what makes this platformer so fun and intriguing. You can check out a lot of different sites for reviews and this game consistently ranks high for a reason.  New levels are constantly being developed. So, you stay on your toes waiting for the next exciting level to be released and mastered. If you are looking for your next obsession in platformer games, Geometry Dash is something you will want to try. You might not be able to put it down.

Geometry Dash Is For Everyone

During the fervent reviews that give the game its props, there is a perk that is less mentioned. This game is extremely family-friendly. None of the levels or gameplay is offensive enough to keep younger players from diving into the game. So, if you have a platform-gaming family, this might be the perfect way to spend some quality time with the people you adore the most.

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