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Google Sheets is available on its own or as part of the web-based Google Docs program. It is an in-depth app compatible with many Google products and similar programs.







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Software description

Google Sheets is a free cloud-based spreadsheet program with an intuitive user interface for data entry. Multiple users can simultaneously access this program which supports text and numeric formats.

This tool enables you to input information in cells. It features a two-dimensional grid-like user interface. Furthermore, installable triggers enable automatic responses to events within Google Sheets.

Collaborative editing

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet app designed to allow multiple users to collaborate in real-time on documents. Each user can see character-by-character edits made by other users and changes are automatically saved back onto Google servers. Furthermore, there’s a sidebar chat function so collaborators can discuss edits as they happen, while an edit history keeps track of previous changes made by editors and allows editors to view or revert past edits as necessary.

Google Sheets offers an impressive variety of formatting features and functions, such as changing font sizes, styles, colors and autofill text strings such as alphabets or months of the year.

Your document can also be published to the web and made available offline, though using this feature should be used with caution as it makes your data publicly accessible. However, Google allows you to limit who can view it through changing sharing permissions – an excellent feature for collaborative teams who require multilayered access.

Real-time sharing

Google Sheets is designed to make real-time collaboration easy among teams. By sharing one spreadsheet across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, changes are automatically saved with revision history being maintained; additionally you can see changes made by others; you can even use sidebar chat feature to discuss edits.

Your spreadsheet allows you to easily add notes, create charts or tables, make modifications, track expenses and budgets, organize names and dates easily and create new spreadsheets such as one that keeps an employee schedule log.

Sharing Google Sheets files with others is as simple as entering their email addresses, giving them viewing or editing access and choosing other privacy options such as an expiration date for their permissions.

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