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Get rid of all unwanted programs and apps in your computer with the IObit Uninstaller software developed by IObit Inc. This software is compatible with all Windows Os versions and can perform a thorough clean up of unwanted and even malicious files in the computer.

Software description

Are you tired of your PC being slow, bogged down by unwanted software, internet browser add-ons and junk files? Maybe your computer or browser is affected by a malicious program, possibly installed in a bundle, which just seems impossible to uninstall? IObit Uninstaller could be the solution you are looking for. It’s purpose is to let you uninstall all unwanted software completely in a simple, one click way. As an uninstaller and an install monitor, IObit logs all changes to the system made during an installation of programs, making it easier to revert all of them completely at any time, resulting in a lighter, cleaner PC.

IObit Uninstaller helps to keep your PC and data safe and secure. Taking advantage of it’s large malicious plug-in and toolbar database, it can identify malware and remove it from browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Edge. With the removal of malicious plug-ins, the chance of information such as email addresses, phone numbers and banking details being leaked, is smaller, protecting the privacy of the user and keeping all browsers running smoothly and efficiently.

The advantage of IObit Uninstaller is the fact that it can not only uninstall programs, but also gets rid of all leftovers. The uninstaller monitors the changes that programs make to the system and displays all data, folders, system registries and files along with the program to be uninstalled, aiding in keeping the user’s PC clean and freeing up memory. IObit can also notify a user if software updates are available for any program, helping to keep the PC in top condition and making sure there is no weak spots that attackers could use to sneak past the computer’s defences.

A multi-award winning piece of software, the uninstaller is even more powerful and boasts some impressive upgrades, in it’s most current version, IObit Uninstaller 9. This version includes a new Install Monitor, which can detect and log all changes made to the system by other software, making all future uninstalls complete and even easier. It also includes a new Software Health function, which monitors and intelligently removes all traces of old and uninstalled software, smartly updates all out of date programs and detects and removes all malicious plug-ins. It boasts a new, improved Stubborn Software Removal capacities, taking advantage of a new enhanced database, to make sure all those unwanted but somehow still persisting programs can be removed once and for all. Another feature to be improved in the latest, updated version is the File Shredder, a completely new version of an algorithm, designed especially to dispose of any files in a faster, more efficient and cleaner way.

Another advantage to IObit Uninstaller is the fact, that in case of any problems, tech support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making sure, that all problems or queries about the software can be answered and resolved at any time. Recommended by a multitude of leading PC magazines, websites and blogs, IObit Uninstaller is a trusted, reliable and much recommended tool, with a great reputation.

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