LibreOffice Download

LibreOffice is an open-source office suite, a free and cross-platform alternative to Microsoft Office.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

LibreOffice is an open source Office suite that was first introduced in the year 2011. The original authors of this software are StarDivision and its developers are the Document Foundation. Its latest version released by the developers is 5.0.1 that was released in August 2015. The applications included in the software are Writer (Word processor), Calc (Spreadsheet program), Impress (Presentation program), Draw (Vector graphics editor), Math (application for editing math formulae) and Base (Database Management program).

Easy Downloading and Installation

For installation of LibreOffice you need to download its setup file. The setup file will be in exe extension type. On running this setup file, the installation Wizard will open up that will help you with installation process of the software.

You need to select the type of setup from custom and typical. In custom setup you can select the customized settings of LibreOffice. We are going to install the typical setup. If you are not satisfied with your selected settings and want to change some of them you can go back. Otherwise click next and the software will get installed on your PC.

Office Suite

This is a complete office suite that lets you create documents belonging to different applications. With a single software all these documents can be created, edited and managed. The templates for each application are available that can be used in your documents. You can also customize these templates according to your requirements. LibreOffice is compatible with other many other office suites as well such as MS Office. You can open the files of other office suites in LibreOffice and can edit them.

You can create new text documents, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, drawings, HTML documents, XML form documents, business cards and more. The created files in different formats can be exported as PDF for further use and presentations can be exported as SWF files that can run on Adobe Flash Player.

Application and Tools

The Writer tool is just like Microsoft Word. You can change writing style, add tables and images, change formatting and can print the created documents. Spreadsheet tool can be used to create graphs and perform calculations. The document is divided into columns and rows. Math document can be used to create mathematical documents in which you can add formulae and maintain calculations and their results. In HTML documents you can add different tags and it can run on your browser.

LibreOffice is an office suite that is available for free. It is a complete package through which you can create documents of many different types. Although it offers a lot of features, yet its original size is very small. If you need to use all these applications at one place that then you should give a try to this software.

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