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The Windows 10 Media Creation tool can be a beneficial application if you’re looking to upgrade your PC. This tool allows you to easily create media for a Windows install and download complex ISO files. 

Software description

Easy Upgrading

Whenever you aim to update to the newest version of Windows or any operating system, you’re required to launch a bootable drive in either DVD/CD-ROM or USB form. The Windows Media Creation Tool essentially allows you to download the ISO file or create a bootable installation-ready USB drive. The ISO file method requires you to burn the file onto a DVD/CD-ROM. If you choose this route, it’s essential to ensure that the machine you’re downloading the ISO from and the one you’re uploading Windows have DVD-ROM drives.

Many users are intimidated by completing this scope of work because you’re dealing with boot files. However, the process is straightforward, and this tool allows even novice users to upgrade to Windows 10.

The Windows 10 Media Creation Tool at a Glance

Media Creation Tool is 100% free and was created by Microsoft. With this user-friendly application, you can upgrade any machine to Windows 10 without much hassle. Besides performing a standard update, having the ability to boot Windows 10 quickly has other benefits. If you have an infected computer or it continuously displays errors or crashes, being able to boot Windows 10 from a USB drive or your DVD-ROM with the ISO file is a potential lifesaver.

One of the most challenging parts of taking advantage of Media Creation Tool for most users is the lack of direction, especially when encountering errors. These are usually easy to overcome without much hassle.

Upgrading Your Current Laptop or Desktop Computer

For many users, updating to Windows 10 using the standard Windows update triggers different error messages. Because of these errors, many users quit attempting to upgrade and leave their machines with outdated software.

These situations are ideal for using an application like the Creation Tool, as it eliminates potential errors and gives you a source for a clean reboot. The steps are incredibly straightforward – and we’ve listed them below for your convenience.

Making Your Upgrade

  1. Navigate to the official Microsoft website and download the Creation Tool.
  2. After downloading finishes, you’ll need to run Media Creation Tool as the administrator and click accept when prompted.
  3. Let the tool do its thing – when it’s finished cycling through files, you can click “Continue.”
  4. You’re taken to a page that asks, “What Do You Want to Do?” You’ll click “Upgrade this PC Now.” Click the “Next” button once again.
  5. Allow tMedia Creation Tool to acquire updated files and other pertinent information and run its scan on your computer. This might take several minutes.
  6. The license terms will appear. If you’d like, read them over and click “Accept.”
  7. Allow the installer to check for updates once more.
  8. Your PC will receive another check before installation commences.
  9. The next section lets you keep what you’d like after the upgrade. Go through this list and save the files you want after installation.
  10. We recommend keeping only personal files that aren’t replaceable. Anything else that’s available for download after installation should be deleted.
  11. Close any programs you have open and running and click “Install.” Your computer may restart several times, but this is normal.

This is how you update the computer you’re currently using. Alternatively, you can create an installation file to update a different PC.

Creating Installation via USB or ISO File

With the Windows Creation Tool, you can place the bootable version of Windows 10 on a USB or DVD/CD and install it via a USB drive or DVD/CD-ROM drive. You can select any version of Windows 10 you’d like. Before you attempt to upgrade Windows on another PC, make sure you’ve made copies of your most important files.

Before beginning this process, you’ll need the computer you’re upgrading with a WiFi or Internet connection, a USB drive or DVD with 8 GB of disk space, and a product key for Windows 10 if it’s a new install. You can use this method to install a completely new version of windows, reinstall the current version, or install Windows for the first time.

Updating Another PC

  1. Download the Creation Tool and open it. Instead of clicking “Upgrade this PC,” you’re going to select “Create Installation Media (USB, DVD, or ISO) for another PC.” After selecting this, you can click “Next.”
  2. Choose the version of Windows, the language, and other specifics regarding your Windows installation. When you’re done, click “Next.”
  3. Select the storage device you’ll use to create the boot disk (USB or DVD).
  4. Select the USB drive on which you want to place the boot file (assuming it’s inserted into the PC).
  5. All the necessary boot information is saved to your device or disk.
  6. After completing the download, it will begin creating the media for the installation.
  7. After it finalizes, you can select “Finish.” Now, your USB or DVD can be used to deploy Windows to any other PC or laptop.

With the Windows Media Creation Tool, upgrading your operating system is more straightforward than before and quickly accomplished by inexperienced computer users.

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