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Whether you are trying to learn to type for an upcoming typing test or you are working in an administrative position that requires sharp typing skills, typing is a useful skill for anyone. If you want to break out of the “find and poke” method of typing and clack away on the keys like a pro, you’ll need something to teach you how to type.

RapidTyping might be the right solution for you. As a software that teaches you how to type while testing your progress along the way, it’s a great tool for learning how to type fast and accurately at any age.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

RapidTyping is software that assists users in developing the skill of typing or improving their current typing speed if they can already do touch typing. For beginners with zero experience typing, RapidTyping has a virtual instructor who can teach users how to touch type from the very basics and beyond.

For those who know how to touch type and want to focus on speed, RapidTyping has games, activities, and assessments to help increase your typing speed and confidence in typing.

This app has a desktop site if you don’t want to download and install software. For those who would prefer to have the app on their device, you can download the latest version of the app onto your computer for free.

What is Touch Typing?

Touch Typing is essentially a method of typing that allows the user to type without looking down at their keys. This improves the speed of typing and looks more professional. In the app, users can learn how to touch type by following a specific three-step process.

First, users will learn the “home row” of keys near where the CAPS lock button is located. Then, users will branch out from the home row to learn the rows below the home row and above it, as well as certain symbols. In the second step, users will memorize the syllables that are most frequently utilized. As a final step, users move beyond typing syllables and letters into actual words. RapidTyping goes through these steps with users and makes it fun along the way.

What kinds of games are on RapidTyping?

For young learners and young-at-heart learners, RapidTyping offers typing games to make the app more enjoyable. Some games on the app include Fruit Swordman Typing, Snow Typer, Fast Typer 2 and 3, and Word Mountain.

While all of these games have different artwork and concepts, they all have one thing in common–to win, you need to be a fast typer. For younger children, these games make learning typing feel like play time instead of a chore. For teenage and adult learners, these games can be a great way to see how far you’ve come in your typing journey.

What other ways does RapidTyping help you learn to type fast?

This app offers a Typing Tutor, which is a virtual trainer to help get your typing up to speed. It also features courses for typers of all experience levels. Additionally, they offer a virtual keyboard to help learners discover how to place their fingers on the keyboard. RapidTyping also offers tests on their app and desktop version so you can check your progress.


RapidTyping is a great resource for people who want to learn how to type in general. It’s also a great tool for types who would like to improve their typing speed.

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