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Timer resolution application mostly benefits gamers by changing the default timers setting in Windows. The app helps increases the FPS and prevents delays and hitching while gaming. It provides a timer setting option for gamers who don’t want to use the default timer.

Software description

Timer Resolution is an application that helps in creating a new resolution from the default windows timer. Normally, the default windows timer fluctuates between 10 to 25 milliseconds. The application caters for people who don’t want to use the default timer duration. If you are a person that loves gaming, there are two major problems you are most likely to encounter.

Latency is the first issue you can experience as a gamer. This is the amount of time it takes to transfer data in groups from one point to another. High latency causes an interruption when loading videos and audio streams. There is also an abnormal increase in the number of times of web load page. When this happens to an application, it automatically becomes useless.

FPS drops is another problem that gamers also experience. FPS is the number speed at which images refreshes its contents on a computer screen while gaming. As a gamer it’s important to note the Frames Per Second to have a good gaming session. To achieve that, you need to increase the FPS on your computer. When the FPS drops, you will experience delays in the loading of the game. The options you select while playing the game tend to respond late. Causes of FPS drops include problems on the hard drive and malware.

By closely looking at the latency of every game, you will realize that all of them have a higher FPS. This causes hitches while gaming. This happens when there is a delay, and a GPU misses a frame within the playback time. This issue is mainly as a re the default Window`s timer resolution. To solve this problem, you use Timer Resolution to create new resolutions. Computer monitors can cause FPS to drop, making the games appear like a picture book. The application is of most help while playing FPS online games where every second and detail counts.

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