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VSO DVD Converter Ultimate offers facilities to convert Blu – ray movies into other formats. You can convert the files in just a few steps, transform your Blu – ray videos in MKV, AVI, DVD and even formats to PS3, Xbox, iPad, and iPhone. VSO DVD Converter Ultimate allows you to customize profiles. The program offers a “live” Preview facility.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

Do you have many discs lying around in your house somewhere? Do you want to play them but don’t have a player? Since discs players aren’t that much available today, we all can relate to it. However, did you know that you can play them through your computer? Yes, you can. What about it? Is it advisable to use that disc all the time? Well, you shouldn’t. Since discs are more prone to data corruption, you should back up the files from them to be safe.

Backing up files and media content from discs is easy if you have the right tool. Tools are applications or other software that can accurately read and backup disc devices. If you’re going to look for one, you should stop right now. Meet DVD Converter by VSO. It is a great application when you want something that can handle more discs and media formats. Given how fragile discs are, it’s crucial to use the right software.

Key features of VSO DVD Converter

  • Convert DVDs for mobile devices compatibility
  • Convert DVDs media into different formats
  • Create and use conversion profiles
  • Supports subtitle
  • Video editor
  • Chapters support

VSO DVD Converter: What should you expect?

Convert DVDs for mobile devices compatibility

VSO DVD Converter can save the media files from your DVDs to external devices. It will make the files from your discs compatible even with mobile devices. As you see, some gadgets require specific formats. For instance, not all media formats work with Apple devices. Therefore, the VSO DVD Converter is a great tool to have. You can convert into media files for Android, iOS, iPad OS, Xbox, PS3, and many more.

Convert DVDs media into different formats

VSO DVD Converter is capable of extracting files from DVD discs. After extraction, you can choose to export into different file formats. In detail, you can convert into:

  • .3gp
  • .avi
  • .dts
  • .m2ts
  • .m2v
  • .m4a
  • .mkv
  • .mp3
  • .mp4
  • .mpeg
  • .mpg
  • .mts
  • .ts
  • .vob
  • .webM
  • AAC
  • AC-3
  • Flac
  • MP3
  • MP4
  • Mpeg2 audio
  • Multi-channel AC-3
  • Ogg Vorbis

Besides, it supports the following video codecs:

  • AAC
  • AC-3
  • DVD subtitle
  • FLAC
  • H264
  • DTS
  • Mp4
  • Mpeg-1, 2, and 4
  • Mpeg2 audio and video
  • Ogg
  • VP8
  • Xvid
  • mp2
  • mp3

Also, these are the supported discs types you can copy to:

  • Blu-ray
  • CD
  • DVD
  • ISO

Create and use conversion profiles

You can create profiles, so you don’t have to configure them every time you copy from a disc. In the long run, it will be efficient for your work. Profiles will contain settings and preset for certain disc types.

Supports subtitle

You can download, insert, and include subtitles from your extracted files. In detail, these are the supported subtitle files:

  • DVDsub
  • Remux
  • Integrated subtitles

Video editor

It includes a built-in editor so you can trim videos before exporting them to a storage device. Make sure your videos look perfect before sharing them.

Chapters support

If you’re converting movies from discs, chances are, they have chapters in them. VSO DVD Converter is capable of converting chapters into your exported file. It will make them a separate file so you can still enjoy the segmented parts of your videos.

Extra features

  • GPU acceleration
  • Burn files into discs
  • And many more