XYplorer Download

XYplorer is an efficient file manager that makes it comfortable for users to browse system directories in a tabbed interface. It contains many useful functions through which users can manipulate files or folders. It offers multiple browser views including mini tree, branch, dual pane, preview and default ones so users can switch between these when needed.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

There is no need to install XYplorer on your computer. All you have to do is download and click open to launch the app instantly. Its configuration data will be stored in the application data folder, so you don’t have to worry about it taking significant space on your disk.

XYplorer can be installed on a thumb drive so you can use it on any computer quickly. It launches instantly since the executable file is only 7 MB small. Besides, it is highly optimized to consume a tiny portion of your computer’s memory.

Powerful and Reliable Features

File management is very flexible on XYplorer with tabs and dual-pane viewing. Quickly transfer files from one folder to another with multiple opened or dual-pane tabs. Tabs can be locked, renamed, or saved as a configuration for your next session.

Since it’s lightweight and highly optimized, you can rely on it to run smoothly on your computer.


Streamline your workflow and efficiency by customizing XYplorer’s looks and behavior. It allows you to modify the appearance, button functions, and default program viewers for files.

Moreover, you can code or use the available scripts that execute different tasks or solutions.

User and Community Driven

Every user feedback and suggestions are listened to and might be considered for future updates and versions. An issue or bug is usually fixed on an update within hours from reporting. Also, there is a growing community of XYplorer users who continually interact with each other and help the development through beta versions testings.

XYplorer Features

Tabs and Dual Pane Browsing

Open as many tabs as you like. You can lock, rename, manage for view, and save tabs for configurations on the next sessions. There is also unlimited tab sets functionality as well as being able to compare two folders side by side using the dual-pane view.

Powerful Search

You can search for files within a tab, by a timeframe, or even specific words on text files. You can also enter keyword patterns on the Address Bar to narrow your search for both a particular directory and file name. It understands Boolean Logic and RegExp, advanced pattern matching, regular expressions, fuzzy and whole word matching, content and multiple location search, duplicate file identifier, and many more.

It is also possible to search for long character names greater than 256 characters.

Files and Folders Organization

Streamline your directory by implementing nested folders minus the difficulty of managing them. Also, you can quickly identify what you’re currently viewing through breadcrumbs in the navigation bar.

XYplorer introduced the Mini Tree in 2008, displaying only the paths and folders you had used. It will filter out the folders that you don’t visit or use so that the view will be easier to manage.

Customizable Interface and View

Utilize the unique highlighting options such as highlights, favorite, or colored grid for better visual and identification of folders. Configure the toolbar to display functions that you frequently use. You can also use tags, labels, comments, and visual filters for files to make them more familiar. You can assign and modify keyboard shortcuts to perform specific tasks.

Versatile Preview

It has an info panel that can quickly display file properties, actions and preview many file formats. Also, you can press F11 to toggle swiftly and preview a file in a floating window. Moreover, you can pre-assign file formats to open in specific programs installed on your computer. It supports instant fonts and office files preview.

File Version, History, and Navigation

You can view and revert file history changes up to 100 actions. These actions are also saved so you can view them even the next day. The history is also viewable by the Hotlist with the key combination Ctrl + H. There is also a Breadcrumb Menu, which shows the breadcrumb history of your currently opened folder.

Portable and Effecient

There is no need to install XYplorer on your computer. You only need to download and click open to launch it. All the configuration data are stored in a folder that can also be moved even in a thumb drive. Unlike other explorers, it allows users to continue using the app despite a heavy process running in the background.

Smart Adaptability

Once you drag and drop a chunk of data or text into a folder in XYplorer, it will automatically create a .txt or .rtf file containing it. You can also make and use a pre-configured template name for files drag and dropped from messages and attachments. You will also have quick access to the newly added files through the New Items Menu.

File name management

There is a column that counts and displays the files’ character length. Also, you can batch rename a group of files that are somehow associated with each other. After renaming, you can choose to auto-sort files based on their types and formats. However, there is also an option for manual sorting should you prefer to do so.

Operations Behavior and Automation

File operations can be processed in parallel or queued. There is also an option to code or use scripts for automating specific tasks to save time and get more work done. It includes network and server management that allows the transfer of files through the same network.

There is a Custom Drag and Drop Context Menu that includes advanced file transfer control when moving files.

More Features

  • Directory Operation Reports
  • Details with Thumbnails
  • Mouse Down Blow Up
  • Time and Attribute Stamping
  • MP3 Tags Editing
  • File Compression Formats Support
  • Autosize Columns, and
  • Many more.