Protect My PC

How Should I Protect My PC From Malware And Viruses?

The life in the twenty first century is reliant on the use of computers and so, PC protection has become a much more complex and important matter. While the increased use of computers and dependence on the internet has led to enormous development in the field to facilitate human life, the threats to computer security have multiplied and become severer in nature as well. Advanced PC protection measures are now a need to keep the systems safe from these online and offline computer security threats.

Cybercrime and Growing Malware Threats

Any unprotected computer being used to connect to any kind of network, local area or wide area, for the purpose of accessing data and files, surfing the internet is at risk of being affected by computer malware. Gone are the days when malware were easy to detect and simpler to get ride off. Computer viruses, adware, spyware etc. are now being written by professionals who indulge in cybercrime, the purpose of these malware programs is not to make a demonstration as to how vulnerable unprotected computers are, but to commit crimes.

Any system without an efficient PC protection system is an easy target for these malware, inclusive of viruses, worms, trojans, adware, spyware, at every instant when connected to a shared local area network or connected to a WIFI. These malwares are not detectable, these are hidden in email attachments, corrupted folders, broken web links or merely as infected web advertisements which can be downloaded onto an unprotected computer without detection and cause much more damage than simply corrupting storage, causing denial of service or exhaustion of resources.

The cyber threats which we face in 2018 are much graver than they once were. The world is practically online, we use the internet for everything, from studying for college exam to making banking transactions on daily basis. These specifically designed viruses and other forms of malware can be used to access personal data of the user from his or her computer, which can then be used to commit identity theft, fraud or blackmailing. Computers do not work in isolation to help us meet our requirements on daily basis, our devices are either connected to a peer-to-peer local area network or to the internet through a wide area network. Without PC protection, the chances of being victimized from anywhere across the planet in this online world are manifold.

Basic PC Protection

Until progress is being made in technology to facilitate the daily lives of people in newer and better ways, the threats to our computers, data and sensitive information will keep growing graver as well. The viruses, trojans and other kind of malware will keep getting stronger because that allows the cyber underworld to thrive. It is better to be safe than sorry. Here are basic PC protection measures which must be taken to counter these malwares which clutter the shared networks and the internet in this age.

Anti-Malware Software

An anti-malware software is by no means a luxury in the twenty-first century, it is a software utility as is the operating system, the essentials etc. A computer must be equipped with a comprehensive and advanced PC protection software which provides real-time security against all kinds of online and offline threats. It must be made sure that the PC protection software remains updated, is capable of thoroughly examining the whole storage, scan the email attachments, block adware and dismiss any broken links off the web, provide secure file sharing and internet surfing without compromising the functionality or processing of the device. It is not necessary to pay for an anti-malware software, some of the most highly acclaimed computer and internet security software labels provide comprehensive free versions of their products. The top antimalware software of 2017 includes:

System Update

It is important to ensure that your system is updated to the latest version, the operating system and all the other utilities are up-to-date. Outdated versions are more vulnerable to newer and graver threats. You should look to activate the automatic updates and download the newest or modified versions of your software at the earliest when made available. Operating system updates help reduce its vulnerabilities against viruses and other kinds of malware which is essential to PC protection.

Advanced Internet Browsers

An outdated version of internet browser increases online vulnerabilities of a system. A recent and advanced browser should always be the priority in order to ensure PC protection against tall the malware which floods the internet today. Advanced internet browsers have built-in security systems which can block adware, ensure secure browsing, block broken links and scan files before downloading. You should read the security features and ensure to download the most advanced and comprehensively equipped internet browser for your computer.

Instant Messaging Applications

Instant Messaging Applications are the newest form of online communication available to the world today. We rely on them for communicating with friends and family as well as for work. These applications, however, increase our vulnerability to cybercrime as well. It is quite easy for viruses to get transferred from one device to another simply by sending infected message chains to all the synced contacts. Always be sure that the instant messaging apps on your device are rightly configured and updated, it is important complete PC protection.

Secured internet Browsing

It is advisable to use secured internet browsing. One should be careful as to use a security conscious internet service which provides real-time protection against online malware. Always check the ISP for active anti-spam features. One should not usually use public WIFIs but if you the it is also advisable to enhance PC protection using a VPN which would create a wall between your PC and the internet and allow you to surf the internet without leaving a trace of your real identity.


Computers are much more vulnerable to security threats than they were a decade ago, increased reliance on internet is one of the major factors. It is important to ensure strong PC protection measures are taken as to avoid victimization by cybercriminals. Using strong antimalware software, keeping the system updated, using secured internet security and being careful in accessing shared networks or any web links is fundamental to PC protection.