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In conclusion BearShare is an incentive peer to peer file sharing application that combine file sharing with social networking features. Its impact echoes through digital land scape contributing to the ongoing evolution of digital media consumption.

Software description

The launching of BearShare is December 2004 as Gnutella-based peer to peer file sharing application with innovative features. The features include IRC, free library of software and media with the name BearShare-featured artists. Also, it has online help pages and a support forum. It allows its users to share and download music, videos files and other media. The media player and a library window organizes the user’s media collection.

One of the important aspects of BearShare is that it emphasizes on social networking features which differentiates it from other sharing platforms. Users can create profiles, also connect with friends, and share their favorites music and videos with each other in a methodical way. This social element contributes to the software becoming famous and it helps to create a sense of community among its users.

The design of BearShare is from the ground up to take full advantages of capabilities of the windows operating system. This is from the active monitoring of directories that users share to all window’s specific user interface details that most users expect. One can even minimize the windows just to adjust status indicators, where it stays on top of all other windows.

Despite the popularity of BearShare, it faces challenges of copyright infringement. The music industry is critical of the platform arguing that it facilitates unofficial sharing of copyright content. However, the BearShare community support forum abruptly shut down during negotiations to settle an impending lawsuit. The web master and the forum administrator led to creation of a new site called Gnutella. The same support staff continue to support the versions that come up. And this is a contribution to the decline of its popularity. Even after its legal troubles BearShare leaves a lasting impact on the digital land scape.

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