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TransMac is an easy app to use in opening hard, and flash drives, CD, DVD, or Blu-ray, large capacity floppy disks, as well as DMG files on Windows. It is also a bridge between Windows PCs, and Mac gadgets.









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Software description

TransMac is a software application from Acute Systems that controls, duplicates, reads, and writes files, and folders on Apple gadgets, and drives such as Mac formatted hard disks, flash drives, as well as superficial storage devices. In addition, opening, burning of disc images, sparse image files, and dmg image files is made possible by this software. Currently, the version of this software available is provides users with speed increments, suitability for Windows 10, and refined file dialog.

Users can install the software in different versions such as EXE or a Zip file. Whichever the file format the user opts for, there is no difference in the app they install. With the installation package, various setup options are available which include file associations. The interface of the app is simple, and clean with a classic File explorer-like major window, sidebar, and toolbar. When you consider other tools that performs similar tasks, TransMac is possibly the most effective design.

TransMac offers ultra-fine variations when it comes to themes. In the software, the toolbar icons are out of sight but outlined. Also, there is drag-and-drop column headings in the main list of the file. Additionally, there is an option menu where the user can get access to separate Mac as well as PC settings. The users can also open general settings which aims on the extras, and advanced functionalities like the capability to burn discs. The app is more helpful since it has a quick start guide, troubleshooting guide, and screen shots to assist in explaining the features.

In addition, the software backs up the HFSX/HFS+, and Hierarchical File Systems (HFS); this helps in organizing files, and folders on a Mac disk. The users can change the name of the file, delete it, duplicate it, and change the files’ location, and folders on the a disk that is Mac-compatible. Other activities include downloading, reformatting disks to utilize on a Mac gadget, and burning disk image files in a matter of seconds. In the app, there are different filters that eases searching for files, and folders on your computer. The file extensions are automatically set between the two types of operating systems.

TransMac is a better choice since it functions like file explorer. As soon as, it is put to run on the Windows computer, the user will realize that there is no difference with the file explorer because you can easily drag-and-drop, delete, unzip, zip, paste, copy, and cut Mac files or folders to and from your Windows computer, and the other way round. It does not cause any lags or crashing.

The software is an example of lightweight app, which implies that users do not have to worry about the features limiting the system’s functionality. However, it leaves behind a footprint on the user’s hardware resources and perform functions in the background. Hence, to execute TransMac properly, the user is required to have the administrator rights for the computer. This software is the best when it comes to controlling, managing, and accessing Mac hard disks from a Windows computer. The program is safe for all editions of Windows due to its simple interface, critical help file, and many other features.

TransMac performs a lot of tasks which includes transferring files between operating systems, creating a bridge to access, read, write, and managing them effectively. It is possible to use begin using the program immediately since its interface is simple and easy to work with. In general, this software is the perfect means to avoiding time wasting steps to transfer Mac files to your Windows PC.

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