Thunderbird Download

Thunderbird is an open-source email application for businesses, organizations, and personal users that can be downloaded for free with many special features for users.

Software details

Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

Thunderbird is an open-source software program that provides users with the opportunity to communicate with each other and other platforms. It has a customized email, calendar, newsfeed, chatting and other features that you can use for your business, organization or personal use. The program can be downloaded for free and set up easily. It is described as a free email application with many specific features by those that developed it.

Email Account Setup For Thunderbird

To setup your email account, you will need to know your IMAP server that allows you to access your email from any device, smartphone, computer, or laptop. If you access your email and log in and check your settings, it will tell you your IMAP setting. If you have trouble with this or questions, our staff can help you.

Other settings you need to know depending on what device you are using are your SMTP and SSL/TLS settings. This can be found in your email settings. Then you should provide us with your name, email address, and password and our system will find the right setting for your device or computer. You can contact our staff by email to get help with setting up an account.

Once your email is setup, it has a handy feature called One Click address book that lets you add your business and friends to your email list. When you receive an email, you can click on the star and add the name, email and other information about the person. You can even add photos too. If you are a person that forgets to add attachments, it has an attachment reminder that will help you remember.

We have tabbed email like Foxfire’s tabbed browsing, and you can add email, in separate categories to organize it and jump between categories. You can keep many emails open at once and it will save your tabs for the next time you use it again. It is a feature that allows you to stay organized.

Other Thunderbird Special Features

Thunderbird has many specific features; a search tool that helps you find the email you want quickly. Its filtering and tab feature help you organize emails using tabs in specific categories. We even have an archiving feature that allows you to store emails for future use but not clutter up your inbox. We have Filelink that lets you manage large files by uploading it to an online storage provider and sharing a link instead of attaching a large file. This ensures your email will arrive faster and not get bogged down. We offer several themes to change the graphic look of your email.

Smart Folders lets you manage several email accounts in one location, and you do not have to go to each account to see all your email. Thunderbird protects your privacy by blocking images and warning about suspicious links in your email. We have automated updates for security, and we have special filters to get rid of spam.

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