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The Tribler is an advanced content sharing software application which provides a rich set of functionalities for its users such as quick content research, less spam activities, videos on demand with practically no ads.

Software description

With the help of this software, users can now share content between friends with similar preferences and share television program through video-on-demand feature.

Why use Tribler?

The open source free software comes to the market as a social-based extension of the famous BitTorrent engine. The Tribler content sharing software offers a relatively good performance while buffers videos before playing back. The software is technically 3 to 10 times faster in buffering videos as compared to its competitors. With the help of this software, it is possible to share content anonymously. The company considers users as participants and offers a unique email to identify each user.


It is really easy to find appropriate contents using Tribler. Content search is possible through 3 different ways. They are:

  • Search using keywords
  • Browse the categories
  • Search using preferences

Users generally share audio and video contents using this system. It also has an embedded audio, video player that plays back the files. It is also possible to share content through Tribler. The software allows you to make friends with other users and share the contents depending upon their preferences.

Though Tribler is an open source project supported mainly by the European Union, it only offers customer care and support through their user friendly forum. Users are free to ask questions and report bugs through this forum.

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