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SmartFTP is a desktop application compatible with XP and later versions of Windows operating system. It is a file sharing client with facility for using multiple network protocols that enable secure data transfer in a timely manner.

Software description

You can use FTP, SFTP, FTPS, S3, WebDAV, OneDrive, Google Drive, Terminal and SSH for sharing a variety of files between the local system and a network server. Another purpose of this software is to maintain websites and publish content on them. Therefore, it is usually preferred by web developers who look for easier yet safe methods for uploading files, images, and text on their sites.

Content Share:
SmartFTP enables you to transfer various files to the server quickly. Either you can select and share files manually or select all the concerned documents and schedule them. This will add the selected files to Queue and will automatically upload them one after the other. In this way, the users can save a lot of time. The Transfer Queue contains the list of documents that need to be shared and also displays some useful information. The displayed details include File name, operation, size, source, destination, status, average speed, current speed and elapsed and left time and these give an insight of file sharing process.

File Views:
This application provides the feature of viewing content that is uploaded to the server. The images can be viewed in thumbnails. All these thumbnails are stored in a single folder at a pre-defined location. Other documents and files have previews available. You can preview different documents to have a brief look at the information they hold. The supported document types include C#, PHP, ASP, Python, HTML, CSS, Lisp, SQL, Diff and many other formats.

Resumption of Uploads:
Sharing files or uploading them to the server usually requires long enough time. If the internet is disconnected or system is turned off, then the process will have to be restarted. This practice wastes a lot of time.

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