Discord App

A Discord download is now available for multiple operating systems. Install your copy on an Android, iOS, Linux or Mac. You also can still use it in a browser.

What is Discord used for?

Use it to bring together a school group, gamers’ club, business team or social group. Discuss important issues, work on freelance projects, or just hang out with friends. Also deploy it in between times when you attend in-person classes and enhance any learning or non-profit program using Discord. Anytime you need to schedule meetings with people not currently in your location, this software benefits you.

Highlighted Features

  • Invite-only spaces — Just invite people to participate that you want in your exclusive group. When you do, only those people who accept your invitation can see or hear what people say.
  • Topic-based channels — Keep the conversation focused on priority issues instead of having random conversations. You also can set up informal chats during which time participants can talk about whatever they want.
  • Text, voice and video chat — Everyone has their preferred way to communicate. Offering a variety of interaction methods makes your Discord groups accessible to just about anyone.
  • Call-free voice communication — Enter into online voice channel discussions without having to call.
  • Content sharing — Let everyone see your slideshow presentation, funny videos and photos or gaming screen.
  • Streaming integrations — Connect Discord with Twitch, OBS or XSplit and YouTube using the Streamkit feature.

Additional Features

Fully customize your Discord groups. Make free or paid discussions for support groups, online classes or therapy sessions. Invite as many people as you would like to your sessions up for up to 50 categories and a total of 500 channels with at least a maximum of 25,000 people on your server. Furthermore, automate your community with bots such as Patreon and Nightbot to post and interact in your absence.

System Requirements

You can still run it on Windows 7 if your machine with this OS still works. However, Microsoft no longer supports this version. For best performance, you need Windows 10 and higher. Otherwise, Discord runs on MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) and up or iOS 10.0 or Android 5 and newer. If using Discord on Android, it must be a device that supports Google Play services and will not work on some Amazon devices (ex: Fire tablets).

Browser Support

As of July 2020, you can also still run Discord on these browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge 17+ and Chromium Edge 79+, Safari 11+ for MacOS 10.13 High Sierra and newer computers, and Firefox 80+.

Required Space

When installed on an Android device, it takes up about 153 MB not including cache space once installed. However, that depends how many files you transfer back and forth and how frequently you use it. The Windows 10 Discord download takes up about 67 MB when program files are installed not including room for temporary file storage. It also takes up about 100 MG of memory. iOS versions require a similar amount of computer hard disk space and memory to run.

If you want to operate it on a computer instead of a mobile device, make sure that machine has the full version of the compatible operating system for best results. Even then, it might not always work. The same is true of mobile phones.