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Zoom Meetings and Chat is the flagship product of Zoom. This is an enterprise video conferencing solution that provides both real-time messaging as well as content sharing capabilities.

One of the biggest highlights of Zoom Meetings and Chat is the GCM encryption it provides. Using AES 256-bit GCM Encryption, Zoom provides added protection for data from video conferencing meetings, providing added resistance against tampering.

Some of the other highlights of Zoom Meetings and Chat include:

  • Usability: Zoom download is easy to use and meetings are simple to start, join, and run across nearly any device
  • Versatility: Zoom meetings are able to sync with calendar systems from OutlookGmail, and iCal, providing a streamlined, enterprise-level approach to video conferencing on both desktops and mobile devices
  • Privacy: Zoom meetings have powerful countermeasures against cyberattacks that ensure meetings go on without disruptions
  • Recordings: Zoom meetings have the ability to be recorded, producing transcripts for those who might not be there
  • Video and Audio: With HD Video and Audio, the quality of meetings from Zoom is unparalleled

These are a few of the highlights from the Zoom app for meetings and chat.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms was created to solve the three biggest problems related to conference rooms, including starting meetings, booking meetings, and sharing content during the meeting. Some of the major advantages of Zoom Rooms include:

  • Video and Audio: With HD Video and Audio, the meeting will run flawlessly across all mobile and desktop devices.
  • Easy to Join: with Zoom Rooms, it only takes one click to join meetings using both audio and video feeds.
  • Share: It also only takes one click to share the meeting wirelessly.
  • Secure: With advanced security features, meetings using Zoom Rooms are protected with robust countermeasures.

In addition, one of the other major advantages of Zoom Rooms comes in the form of interactive whiteboards. With whiteboards through Zoom Rooms, it is possible to:

  • Have multiple people annotate a single whiteboard using either mobile or desktop devices
  • Save whiteboarding sessions during Zoom Rooms for future use
  • Run up to a dozen whiteboards in a single meeting

Finally, Zoom Rooms also come in multiple sizes ranging from private executive rooms to large training rooms.

Zoom Phone 

Zoom Phone is an advanced communication system that includes phone, chat, and video meetings on a single platform. Some of the major highlights of Zoom Phone include:

  • This is an enterprise cloud phone system that delivers traditional phone features found in commercial business telecommunications systems with a single, streamlined experience to ensure high-quality interactions between employees and customers
  • Zoom Phone features a centralized management system where administrators can manage users and monitor business interactions
  • The Zoom Phone system is both secure and reliable, ensuring the quality of every call is protected from outside threats

In addition, phone calls can be elevated to Zoom Meeting with ease. With app capabilities for Windows, Android, iOS and more, Zoom Phone is one of the most versatile options on the market today.

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