VSO ConvertXtoDVD Reviews

ConvertXtoDVD was developed by a company started by Jacques Vignoles whose hobby is to develop software. He likes to make other people’s life easier by developing software with an easy to use interface. Everyone likes to watch their favorite video in that same old classic style using a combination of the DVD player and big screen.

We all have TV sets in our house but not everyone has access to a smart TV. So, how to play your favorite video on the TV screen? The solution to this problem provided a base for the development of VSO software. The DVD player attached to the TV set supports files in a DVD only. This software smoothly converts your favorite video to DVD.

This VSO ConvertXtoDVD has been developed for both amateur and professionals. The amateurs need to add their favorite video files to this software interface, rest is handled by the software. All the DVD chapters, titles, and menus are created by the software itself.

Features of VSO ConvertXtoDVD
This software has a lot of features loaded in it. Some of the features that are worth noticing are explained below.

Drag and Drop the Video Files
Any software which is praised by the users has one thing in common, an easy to use interface. The same applies to ConvertXtoDVD, the user simply drags the files from its system and drop it on the main screen of the software.

Editing the Menu
The Menu page is the first that opens when a DVD is played. The user can give a personal touch to this page by changing the background image, music and change name of items on the menu.

Add Subtitles
This is one of the coolest features of this software. While watching an international movie, subtitlesbecome necessary to understand what’s going on.

Trim the Video Clip
VSO ConvertXtoDVD allows you to remove some part of the video that you don’t want to see. This can be done very easily by simply selecting the START time and END time of the segment you need to cut.