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Opera GX is the world’s first and only internet browser specifically designed with gamers in mind. You might be asking yourself why people who play video games would need a special browser just for them, but once you see all that Opera GX has to offer, you’ll quickly understand why it has more than 8 million active users today.

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Software description

Engineered with gamers in mind, this browser hosts a variety of features specifically geared towards helping you out with your video games.

Resource Limiter

The #1 feature of this browser for the gamers out there is its resource limiter. Most other browsers would require you to shut the entire thing down to free up some extra power for your games, but with Opera GX, you can keep the browser running in a limited state with the click of a button and send those resources to your games instead. This is especially handy if you’re actively using web pages or watching videos and don’t want to have to restart them after playing games.

GX Corner

GX Corner is what Opera GX uses as a default landing page. Built right into the browser, this page is dedicated to listing gaming news, deals, and even free games gathered from around the internet.

Sidebar Twitch, Discord, and Optimization

Opera GX features a sidebar with a number of handy trinkets ready at the click of a button, one of which is a Twitch icon that shows you a live count of active streamers you follow. The number is continually presented, and if you click it, you get a display of everyone you follow so you can access their page directly from the sidebar.

Discord is also optionally directly integrated into the sidebar so you always have access and updates from your gaming buddies. Last but not least, Opera GX features a “hot tab killer” which hunts down which of your browser’s active tabs are sucking up the most resources so you can cut them off at your discretion and keep your computer firing strong.

Other features

Even if you’re not into video games, this browser has a lot to offer.

Media Player

Whether you prefer Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music, Opera GX allows you to stream music and podcasts directly through the browser itself from one location. It’s always available on the sidebar, so that way you don’t have to run multiple applications and websites to stream your favorite tunes.

Force Dark Pages (Beta)

If you’re tired of having your eyes burned out of your head while browsing the internet late at night, Opera GX’s force dark page feature is a Godsend. It does just what it says: it overrides page designs to make them dark and easy on the eyes instead.

Convenience and Privacy

Also available on the sidebar is a direct line to Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger with just a click. You log in once and it saves your info so you never lose touch.

Opera GX also boasts a free VPN with multiple locations available and an integrated ad blocker that also blocks trackers, all of which you can toggle at any time with just a couple of clicks. If you’re thinking of switching, Opera GX makes that process easy by offering an option to import your current browser’s bookmarks and applicable settings, so you’ve got no reason not to give this feature-rich browser a try.

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