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WYSIWYG Web Builder is a user-friendly application that gives you the easy way out when it comes to designing a website. It stands for What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get and helps you create websites without hassles. Even if you aren’t aware of HTML and CSS, you can use this tool to build a site that suits your needs. The software possesses an intuitive and user-friendly interface and facilitates you to make the most of its features through drag and drop support. This software works well for beginners. It’s a lightweight application that can be installed in no time on any Windows-based PC.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

In today’s digital era, it’s crucial for businesses to maintain their professional website. This way, you can keep in touch with your customers and raise brand awareness. Not everyone can design a professional looking website, but with WYSIWYG Web Builder, it’s no more a challenge.

User Interface

The most talked about feature of WYSIWYG Web Builder is its attractive user interface. With the help of its drag and drop function, you can add the desired content to the webpage without having to write a complex code. You can access a myriad of tools and options through its menu.

Insert Content

It’s extremely easy to build a complete website through this software. On the homepage, you’ll find a toolbox. It contains a wide range of components that are crucial to design a webpage. You can use as many tools as you want for free.

Moreover, this application helps you manage your website conveniently. From tables to text, links, images, drawings, banners, and multimedia content, it provides access to various options.


Here’s a brief insight into some of the most useful tools offered by WYSIWYG Web Builder:

  • Animation Manager – It enables you to add animations to your website
  • Backup Manager – You can create a backup of your projects
  • Extensions Manager – It helps you use third-party extensions
  • Theme Manager – It helps you manage JQuery UI themes
  • Global Replace – You can modify properties across the website
  • Asset Manager – Manage assets used in the entire project

Manage Webpages

An effective website contains multiple webpages with a well-designed architecture. This software helps you create a sitemap to improve website navigation. Through its Page menu, you can manage webpages for your project with ease.

WYSIWYG Web Builder enables you to add webpages, import pages, manage page properties, implement properties for the entire site, and manage breakpoints. It also offers you to add meta tags to improve the ranking of your webpages and helps you monitor the performance via Google Analytics tool.

Responsive Website

Nowadays, a majority of people use the internet via smart devices, which is why you should make your website responsive. This software aids you in creating and deploying responsive webpages so their format stays intact across different platforms.

WYSIWYG Web Builder facilitates users to build responsive websites without HTML coding. It offers drag and drop support so you can design a perfect website through which you can make your business a success.

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