What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is an all-in-one solution comprising hardware, software and streaming service. Unlike Roku or Chromecast players, it includes features designed specifically to use with iPhones and iPads. Apple has invested heavily in original programming to compete with Netflix. Furthermore, Channels provide pay-TV subscription services. Streaming device Apple TV is a set-top box designed to […]

What is a Computer?

Students often struggle to answer the question “What is a Computer?” This lesson will focus on providing students with an initial definition and working in groups to categorize photographs into categories such as “is a Computer” or “not a Computer.” Computers come in all forms and sizes; from those intended to sit on your desk […]

iPad Generations

Looking for an iPad tablet? They’re powerful devices that let you create documents and images, search the internet, and even use apps and more. Apple is famous for releasing new versions of its devices on a regular basis. Each new generation is loaded with new features and options. However, you don’t necessarily need the newest […]

Quick Tips for Using the Excel Save As Feature

What is the Excel “Save As” Feature? The Microsoft Excel “Save As” feature allows you to save a copy of the current workbook file in different formats, including PDF and Word. This feature is useful when you want to send your workbook to a colleague or share it with someone who does not have access […]

5 Whys Technique: A Guide to Problem-Solving

We encounter problems in every area of our lives. This means problem-solving is an essential skill everyone should learn, no matter their occupation. The five whys technique is a scientific problem-solving introduced by one of the world’s top business moguls. Before you delve into solving new problems using old ways you need to understand how […]

The Best Drawing Tablets

Today, in order to keep your art relevant and innovative, it is imperative to stay up to date with the most cutting edge technology. Drawing tablets allow artists to create amazing art with ease. Digital art is an important way to expand your creative expression and, in a lot of cases, increase your opportunities to […]

Best Animation Software

Whether you are an amateur or professional animator, using animation software to bring your visions to life is crucial to realizing them. While certain programs specialize in hand-drawn animation techniques such as traditional 2D cartooning, others provide more versatility with their tools for creating anything from sprite-based GIFs to 3D character models. Furthermore, good software […]

Windows 11 vs Windows 10

If you are wondering whether switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is worth it? It is. Windows 11 is the newest Windows version and is more updated compared to Windows 10. Although the two versions are pretty similar, there are some big differences between the two operating systems. The newer version, Windows 11, offers […]


Buying anything If you are looking for a modern television, it is likely that you are trying to decide between QLED and OLED. While both of these technologies are impressive in their own right, is there a better option? Let us break down the difference between these two types of TV’s and see how they […]

What Is iOS?

iOS is Apple’s operating system that runs on iPhone and iPad devices, as well as powering its tvOS and watchOS operating systems for televisions and watches respectively. Operating system features an interface optimized for touchscreens that enables users to interact with it using taps, pinches and swipes; making it the second most widely used mobile […]

What is Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft Windows is a proprietary graphical operating system developed and sold by Microsoft for both consumer and business use. The Windows NT family provides consumer applications while the Server family serves business applications. Microsoft’s Windows 1.0 GUI ran on top of MS-DOS and allowed users to visually navigate their desktops through “windows.” They could also […]

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open source front-end framework that makes building websites quicker and simpler, but requires an in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to properly use. Bootstrap allows developers to save both time and effort by not needing to manually adapt their code for various viewports, making mobile projects much more manageable. Free and […]