Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare

Powered by IObit, Advanced SystemCare is all in one PC maintenance and optimization tool. Easy to use and with just one click away features, it allows system users to use this software for:

1. Optimizing PC
2. Cleaning PC
3. Speeding up
4. Protect them from online threats and viruses
5. Maintain users online privacy.

Features of Advanced SystemCare:
1. Disk optimization: With this newly added feature, Advanced SystemCare has improved disk performance by freeing up the redundant or unused disk space. Doing so, the junk files are removed, invalid shortcuts are deleted, over the year accumulated, invalid and unused registry entries are deleted on daily basis making it as a powerful and smoother PC cleaner.

2. Redesigned Performance Monitor: This feature has helped in faster execution of PCs task as the RAM speed is monitored continually and is optimized to use its peak random access, Motherboard temperature is observed, fan speed is monitored and kill those processes that makes PC slow and sluggish.

3. Security Reinforcement: It has allowed high level system security against threats that are released on daily basis and thereby prevent any hacking. FaceID identifies the intruders trying to hack PC and taking control of it. With Homepage Advisor, any and all homepage modification is restricted and notifies the user for any unwanted program run by making a log of activities. Removal of unwanted ads and secure online surfing and is possible by Ads Removal and privacy protection features. This feature has ensured foolproof protection of user privacy.

4. Speed Up processes and surfing: By optimizing the startup and default PC settings, this has resulted in high rate of packet transfer and thereby high internet speed resulting in faster loading of pages, immediate booting of PC and faster switching between screens. This, it ensures to run PCs at its peak performance by improving the performance of Startup Manager, Hardware accelerate, Default Manager, MyWin 10 and file finder.