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Audacity 2.2.2
Audacity 2.2.2

Audacity 2018 is a high level digital audio editor that can customize the audio files by applying numerous effects and options. New developments are being done and more features are expected to be introduced in the near future. The developers who are interested can use its source code to offer more advancement in the latest versions.

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Audacity is a free, high powered open source audio editor and recorder for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, among other operating systems. Audacity was developed by a couple of Carnegie Mellon University students in 1999 and was released in 2000. After gaining immense popularity amongst users, Audacity received many awards and was the 11th most popular SourceForge download in 2011 with over 78 million downloads. Audacity allows users to record live audio from multiple sources, process it, add effects, and save the audio in a variety of formats. Users can also copy, cut, mix, or splice sounds together for fun or to create art. The software can edit a variety of file formats including FLAC, AIFF, WAV, MP2, Ogg Vorbis or MP3 sound files. There are numerous effects available to play with. For instance, you can change the tempo, pitch, multitrack mixing, sound effects, among others. The software is available in a variety of foreign languages to make it accessible to everyone regardless of where they come from. Audacity is the ultimate audio recording and editing tool.