AVG AntiVirus Free

Install AVG Internet Security For Your Computer

A computer or laptop is always at risk from bugs, viruses, malware, unwanted software and hackers among other issues. AVG Internet Security antivirus software is a recommended product capable of securing one from the ever present menace.

The AVG installation process is simple and straight. Visit their site and download the .exe file with the help of the AVG Zen Tool.

Software features
AVG is an antivirus that is able to scan the entire computer system or a specific file on request. Any threats are transferred to quarantine.

Internet threats
While on the web there’s no need to fuss about phishing URL’s. The software works by blocking access to such sites in real time. Users will be pleased to about AVG’s multi platform access, which means that versions to protect other devices such as smart phones are available.

Data encryption
Very important file that are to be considered confidential can be secured with this feature. Data safes can be created on demand where the user has the liberty to store their information. AES-256 encryption is effective in completely shutting out any undue access.

Apps installed can be protected from unauthorized access. A PIN on the chosen app ensures that only the owner is able to get access when needed. This feature can be activated on/off and is especially useful if the device is available to other people as well.

An easy to follow user interface lets one access premium features such as update option and online support.

It is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and android devices.

Malicious files, software and privacy breaches can render havoc on one’s computer. Having an antivirus support from a reliable brand will go long way in relieving this threat. A basic free to install option is available with the option to upgrade to other premium versions.