Internet Explorer Reviews

Internet Explorer Reviews

Microsoft first released Internet Explorer in 1995. In 2015, Microsoft Edge replaced the IE browser, but support continued for IE until about 2020. You might have some use for your Internet Explorer download on some older machines.

Internet Explorer 11 Supported Operating Systems

The last stable release came out in November 2020, and security updates will continue until about June 15, 2022. Internet Explorer 11 will be the last version ever made, and customers will soon have to learn how to either use Microsoft Edge in IE mode or just replace it with Edge altogether.

It works on Windows Mac and UNIX available in 2020 or older, but it also might work on some newer machines. You will need to find an older Windows Explorer download if your PC, MAC or other OS doesn’t support it.

Legacy Vs. New Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer still worked on Windows 10 when it first came out, but that’s when Microsoft also introduced the Edge Browser in 2015. Support for the Edge legacy version ended on March 9, 2021, and now, a new Edge for Business is available as of this same year.

The new Microsoft Edge is built for business use. It has the following features:

  • Remote work access – Have all your information from work synced for retrieving at other locations. Find your information with your Microsoft account when using other devices besides your primary one.
  • Productivity tools – Have all your Office 365 tools within convenient reach. Access all your favorite work apps with each new Edge for Business tab you open.
  • Legacy app support – Don’t worry about not being able to use some of the same apps you always have when connected using Internet Explorer.
  • Advanced data protection – Get up-to-date security against malware, phishing and both internal and external network threats.
  • Security warnings – Your screen will show you when you have attempted to open an unsafe application or website.
  • Customized access settings – This will benefit you when you want to make sure your corporate information remains hidden. It will keep data secure for whole project teams.
  • Data loss prevention – Control settings used to determine how much data you want to store and access in your browser. This becomes necessary if you have more than one person using your computer or on your network working on the same domain.

Additional New Features

With the new Microsoft Edge, you’ll also get an updated configuration manager. This feature provides you the ability to adjust what browser system functions you want to deploy. In addition, you can keep track of how many devices on which you have the Edge browser installed.

Edge for Business Compatibility

Internet Explorer will work across all major operating system platforms. Already, it runs on some Windows, Mac and Android devices. Soon it will also work on Linux systems. It’s also being set up for use with InTune, which will provide a way to have your new Edge browser provide similar data on multiple devices.

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